After streaking

After a few years of streaking, she began to feel the hardships housekeeping。Yes, until today, she did not know, maybe the parents are saying is right: to marry a good family life is the greatest happiness。She did not listen to her parents to marry a good family, but followed her felt happy people streaking。Yes, now she does not know she will therefore such Kangshang life, but she always thought that this life is really a little tired。  In fact, she looks very good, there is a very good figure, one meter sixty-eight stature, body full, fair face, because it is completely regarded as a beautiful woman。To see her that way will twenty-eight-year-old bar scene!I asked her if she was not, she said, I see really accurate。Listen to her, her family was fairly good, the parents are working parents, now retired to do sort of a small business。Her family lives in a big city in the south, she is a great woman, a sister as well as a brother, now in college。  In fact, she said she was very loving parents, blame her disobedient。This is, of course, I also know that all the world who do parents, love their children very。Plus there are so good live background, as long as obedient, she can marry a good people '。Later, I asked her why she would be out of work, and asked her boyfriend some cases。She went on to say, her boyfriend at a home in the mountains, is the kind of big mountain in very poor。His family was not very good, there are several brothers and sisters, his father died young, and now they have to make money for his sister reading。  So I said with emotion:“You are right online dating?”  “Yes, you really would guess!”she says:“Our online dating for several years。Later, I told him to run out of work!”  “At that time your parents agree to it?”I ask。  “Definitely disagree。I secretly ran out!”she says:“My parents say how a husband so far away, yet so poor mountain。They say I do not listen to regret in the future!I was too naive, just do not listen。Later, I told him come here to work out!”  Her boyfriend I've ever seen, is an employee of our company.。Higher child in gently on the fat。Listen to her, he had not fat, handsome。I think it should be of course, otherwise she could not fall in love with him streaking to。  But that day she said to me she was tired, really!She did not played work, there is always uncertain future。Her parents had told her this is the case:“Do not think you are young, able to work in the future how old do?”Of course, when she does not think about these。For a young man,“Love”It is the greatest happiness and truth, and she was very vehement ran out。She believes that as long as their efforts will be happy tomorrow。However, so a few years later, what they did not change。Perhaps, in the coming days, with the“Sex”Attraction gradually eliminate fade, she will feel even more hopeless and helpless。Parents said that if she insists on when not her daughter。So, she said that she was very confused。  For love, I love and appreciate young people to pursue fame and fortune faint。Of course, I also hope that through their efforts to obtain satisfaction of wealth。However, the real world was not as simple as naive imagination of young people, she has been, and I repeat the word:“If you can have a house like!”Yes ah, to have a house like!However, in today's society, working for a young couple who, it was no small task?It is simply astronomical ah!Some elusive thing!  I rented a pair of husband and wife to the house a few years, the annual year-end, they always told me:“We hope that next year be able to save enough money to just buy a small house on!”But, wait for them after a year of efforts to save a little money, prices and long, and they still can not afford a house。In this way, the couple and my daughter, lived there for 2089。Fortunately, I charge them rent a year but people a month, more than a decade and never change。  Maybe love is always happy。In their eyes, but I do not think the house is very unfortunate。But unfortunately, not because they have no money to work, as long as the young, many things are possible through hard work in return。As far as I recently observed, I found her boyfriend is not a very hard worker。Companies sometimes required to work overtime, he did not want to come。The reason is simple, he said he was tired and did not want to work overtime。Of course, perhaps in the future they will do any business, large fortunes suddenly not necessarily, but for now, I personally do not think hard-working people, life certainly will be very difficult。  When I was young even poorer than they are, that life is not a modern young people's ability to understand。Later, we worked hard day and night to the couple, though now old, and still working, but at least not weaker than people, to have a relatively quiet and peaceful home。So I think, for love streaking is not terrible, as long as the young, if they work hard, there will be a lot of things。However, the most frightening thing is, if you think love is very interesting, but not to fight for the love of life, then you streaking Is it just to stimulate your thinking it naive?Really want this, I advise you to listen to your parents, then take。They will be responsible to find a good home for you。  She later told me that many of her sisters are now married with, and a lot of money, have a car a house。And she also told me that her brother and sister now are college students, so the future will certainly be more than her!Yes, I told her with deep feeling:“Future, you are likely to make them put aside far!”  She was speechless, just I head down doing her thing。Maybe she agreed with my thoughts!  Later, I encouraged her to say:“In fact, the young is the capital!As long as you work hard, there will be bread。”  “Yes!”she says:“I began to think so, but now I feel hard……All twenty-eight of the!”  For her worries, as I am a heavy。I can not choose she would definitely start is wrong, we can not prove that their future will be a failure。Yes, the so-called happiness is not naive young streaking!Married to a wealthy family with no money to marry people in today's society does not depend on energy a year, two years, will be able to get even a distance, often rely on the well-being of people spend a lifetime, to come up with more effort than others to give to of。From my experience in this half, I've read a lot of things realized。It was thanks to diligence of happiness; happiness was due to gambling; many people are happy due to natural。Then, in their body, it does not reflect the interests of these types of it?Although I am not very clear。But at least, I saw a woman is not optimistic!  They are just living together and not married。But more than three years, the days had passed, they did not change anything in life。So, I asked her:“There are no children yet?”  “not yet!”she says。  “why?”I continue to ask。  “Because I now feel very confused……Like standing on a crossroads!”She looked up, smiled and seemed to smile as if to say。  “Do you have any ideas?”I ask。  “do not know!”She looked down。“More than three years, so I do not know how to do!I'm afraid this wandering life, but I can not afford to do things against their conscience!”  “In fact, you'd better ask your parents。They will tell you how to do it!”I told her。  She was speechless。Perhaps, in her heart, you will feel no face to return to her parents, and they talk about these events。For one person, no one wants to admit that she had been failures and errors。Even with this kind of courage, then she let go of her boyfriend?She let go of her boyfriend do?This is a very painful choice, even if I can not put it so clearly。So, I think only her parents will be able to help her untie this knot。  Around us sat an old man, he has been listening to us in his speech。Then he said to me with a dialect:“We also have a woman before the village, ran off with a stranger。Her parents very angry, saying she no longer recognized the。There are more than ten years now, no sound without the letter。Do not know do not want to go home, or people to the trafficking!”  I finished listening to him, thoughtfully!I think only two outcomes: one has a very bad, discredited in the face of the family, so I can not go home。As a man that said, people trafficked to or out of any accident。In short, I think they will be very unlikely to be beautiful。Because people are too proud, as long as the scenery, I will go home and said to my parents:“Dad, Mom, I was not wrong choice, or what I would do today!”  This is similar to ancient books, said the story, such as Zhuo Wenjun and Sima, such as; for example, also Rengui and his wife, etc.。As long as they succeed to show his face, I must go home family line!  Although in my heart, that if she had the idea, or should return to her parents would be more better!I would like to persuade her to go back to this one, there is little reason because I also do parents who。However, it was said:“So the temple demolition of ten do not destroy a marriage!”So these words in my mouth finally did not say out。Just tell her:“When a person is at a crossroads in life, the best way is to ask your parents!”  Later in the day, I still see them out in pairs and out。For her feelings, I am deeply sympathetic。This is a naive young man!However, the future they will happen then flies?I do not know!They do not know!I certainly hope they are happy!But happiness can not rely on hope, what they should really do something。To work hard and look for their future, otherwise, the future of the world will let us see the light。  She had a woman and her same age to work together, it is said, they are a place of fellow。The woman told her: husband and wife they can be just as hard at work。However, she now has a year-old child。They bought a house in their home county, although owed a lot of money, but at least, her companion they can see there is hope——This is the gap。A few years later, they will pay up; a few years later, their children will give them hope。But she does?At least now she nothing。  Twenty-eight woman of course still very young, which nothing can sigh。But twenty-eight to do what is beginning to mature!Whether marriage, life, the children; those, I personally think that should do。This is a creation, it will also produce a result。Regardless of the outcome of streaking you think success or failure, from now on, if you do not take the case seriously, then eventually only failure!  So, I told her as if to say, something like an unsaid words:“Make it your choice。If you choose to live together, from now on, you have to spend more effort than others, all are still in time。And if you choose to give, we should do from now on, make your actions, twenty-eight, relative to others, you are no longer young!”  Streaking for love, it is what I appreciated!She challenges the materialistic society, she let us see the love!However, streaking, also intends to make rational, not so naive as to form vivre。Otherwise, you will not only hurt themselves, hurt their parents, it will also hurt the person you have loved!

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