What acupuncture points which beat disease prevention Loved massage

What is most painful points each point has a role to play each point, but some points fight will be very painful, very important for a martial artist, so what points Loved playing together and playing small series to see what points Loved introduce it!Loved to play what point, among the points: bias on the people ditch (along the amount of the ditch 2/3) by genus: the case of Du, hand, foot Yangming, Du would。
After the eye is faint points dizziness。 , Yongquan: in the first third of the foot palm, depression occurs when the toe flexor。
By genus: kidney meridian。
After the hit, hurt pubic region gas, air can not rise, breaking dodge。 Babel points: the front top of the fifth hole, and then open an inch outer。
Temples: one inch outer brow depression, i.e. inch pouch outer canthus between the brow and the eye。
2, massage the common points of disease prevention play any points Loved Guanyuan: Chinese medicine, Guanyuan has a work Pei-Yuan consolidate, the next focus of the tonic。 Where strength losses can be used。
Clinically used for urinary, reproductive system disorders。
Modern research confirms that tremor and rubbing Guanyuan, mainly by regulating the endocrine, reproductive system so as to achieve the purpose of treating disease。 Indications: all kinds of reproductive system diseases。 In particular, it specializes in the treatment of infertility, impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation embolism。
, Zusanli: Zusanli is a foot Yangming stomach of "joint" point, the main point is strong, and health care。 Having righting element, regulate Yin and Yang, spleen and stomach, the power through the meridians。

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