Zhang Yiming Qian dialogue: platform technology companies should shoulder the responsibility for infrastructure

  Recently, Tsinghua University, dean headlines today and Zhang Yiming dialogue Tsinghua School of Economics and Management, founder CEO Qian, comes to science and technology platform should take more social responsibility。
"I can not just grow up, do not look at responsibility, otherwise, there will be blindly optimistic Technology。 "Said Zhang Yiming。   Qian and Zhang Yiming conversation lasted two hours, more than 700 teachers and students of Tsinghua University to attend the dialogue。
Topics slowly transition from school, business, industry competition platform technology to corporate social responsibility。
Qian sort of challenge the recent global Internet giant in corporate social responsibility suffer, then asked Zhang Yiming's view on this。
  Zhang Yiming said the mobile Internet era, bonuses, technology companies enjoy economies of scale leverage the technology increases, the impact on society is growing。 Become a platform technology company, into the water, electricity, the same social and public infrastructure operators, will affect a large number of users, customers and other companies to a certain extent, then, we have to bear some social responsibility。
  Today's headlines specific to social responsibility, Zhang Yiming the headlines today social responsibility, summed up in three points: the responsibility of scientific and technological innovation, construction responsibility for the content and information services, the responsibility of governance platform。
  The first is technological innovation responsibility。 Zhang Yiming explain that technological innovation is the basic requirement of technology companies。 Technology companies need to create value through innovation, has brought good way to promote economic development。 Today's headlines are currently set up Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, hired as a technical consultant academician at home and abroad, the establishment of the Technology Strategy Board, "to the interests of users as the core," the responsible application of artificial intelligence technology to more areas of society, promoting social progress。   Second it is the responsibility of content development and information services。
Zhang Yiming said that to fulfill this part of the responsibility, focus on promoting the creation and dissemination of information more positive energy。 Today's headlines create headlines on thousands of million program to vigorously promote the information provided on the production of original content rich platform has also set up more than 4,000 of the contents of the audit editorial team to deal with massive content creation and rapid growth in consumption brought to the audit the challenge。 Today's headlines also recommend the use of technology and communication capabilities, the advantages of the application platform to the public domain, create social value。 To "headline tracing" for example, by precise geographical pop, improve the efficiency of society to find lost persons, who find record 29 missing persons day。
Up to now, we have successfully helped more than 5,000 family reunion。   Finally, the responsibility of governance platform。 Zhang Yiming said that as a platform for information and actively cooperate with government regulation, maintaining ecological health platform, enterprises can not shirk the responsibility。 At present, the today's headlines existing practices, including the establishment of algorithmic models title against the party and vulgar information, establish cooperation with the University of Michigan anti-rumor Union, and continued protection of creators and copyright users' personal information, privacy。   "Social responsibility" is one of 2018's Keywords Today's headlines。 In the company's annual meeting in early March, Zhang Yiming put social responsibility, corporate governance and globalization, the inclusion of the entire company in 2018 the most important three things。 Also in this annual meeting, Zhang Yiming proposed concept of corporate responsibility headlines today after refining, including good deeds integrity, technological innovation, create value, to assume responsibility and cooperation and win-win five points。   "An honest business done good deeds for society to put more important things to do it。
"Zhang Yiming said at the annual meeting。 It is understood, Zhang Yiming requirements of each business line must progress in product and design considerations of social responsibility; To summarize the work in each business line, to fulfill their social responsibility as a core part of the work。
Today's headlines vibrato with the launch of "vibrato better life plan", the program show a better life in addition to encourage positive energy short video creation, also announced that it will launch the world's first short video platform "time management" system, users will be reminded too long, and provide the "time lock" feature to help users use single-day long vibrato time for self-management。
Long, the system will automatically lock if the user single-day cumulative time reaches the set, users need to enter a password to proceed。

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