Inventory method menopause care

Menopause is a woman from gonadal function begins to decline to complete the transition period between the termination of this process of change is often huge differences between individuals can cause due to various factors。
However, due to the maturation of gonadal function from the transition to a recession occurs gradually, it is difficult to be sure how old menopausal woman。
However, due to reduced ovarian hormone to a certain extent, women are no longer passing, is menopausal。In addition due to the need of some diseases and perform surgery or radiation therapy to terminate other than ovarian function, usually before menopause, menopause have a change; after menopause, some of the symptoms of menopause may also continue for some time。In this way, from the clinical is difficult to accurately determine how old a woman menopause, menopause can only be estimated how old a woman from the age of menopause。Menopause health inventory method shown in Figure 1, menopausal women themselves should be aware of some of the physical health knowledge, to understand that this is a physiological transition period, after 1-2 years can be a natural ease, doing this will help relieve the mental burden of unnecessary。At the same time family members, partners, colleagues should know about menopause mainly in daily life to give them the care and understanding at work, life。2, symptoms and menstrual changes some of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, abnormal vaginal bleeding, menopausal syndrome Do not use self to explain, first go to the hospital for the necessary checks to exclude organic disorders, psychological and then symptomatic treatment, so as not to delay treatment。
3, for menopause symptoms are apparent, it may be appropriate herbal conditioning, like "righteousness solid Yuan Fang" to help regulate the endocrine, improve internal and external environment。4, the need to strengthen the physical exercise, but not too much, not too intense and nervous, to do what。
Take part in group activities, including recreational activities。
Adjust the sleep habits, to ensure adequate rest time。
5, Lotte develop character, menopausal women should learn to train to become an optimistic, funny, witty, humorous, cheerful person; life skills to treat open-minded, generous and caring, not everything preoccupied, thinking; nothing can take affordable, put down。
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