"Foreign legion"Running as a national treasure relics lost overseas Chinese help to return home

Recently, another "national treasure" Return to China。 Well-known overseas Chinese, Hui Wing Mau, chairman of Shimao Group recently donated a "Silk Road Landscape" to the Beijing Palace Museum。 Ming Dynasty scroll painting in the 1930s lost overseas, donated the $ 20 million invested by the Hui Wing Mau bought。
According to the China Heritage Society statistics, since the Opium War in 1840, due to the war, unfair trade, more than 10 million Chinese cultural relics lost overseas, where one or two national heritage of more than 1 million。
For a long time, to overseas Chinese as the main "foreign legion" as a national treasure by running a variety of ways, promoting the return of cultural relics。 Chinese Wu Pei Belgium 20 years has been engaged in the export porcelain collection。 In 2014, his multi-million 1000 porcelain collection will be shipped back to China, founded the "export porcelain Ming Exhibition" in Rugao。 Wu Pei said, the possession of porcelain shipped back to China, on the one hand through the exhibition to let more people understand export porcelain, on the other hand, academic research can help。 According to media reports, in recent years, many overseas Chinese collectors will be donated to the possession of his life in China museum, which became heritage "backflow" an important channel。
In addition to individual donations, there are many Chinese use of their facilities, active mediation in the recovery of cultural objects, artifacts return to power。
By 2015, the city of Sanming in Fujian spring village stolen public chapter founder flesh Buddha appeared in a exhibition in Hungary, then detonated opinion, the local villagers to set foot on the road heritage of transnational recourse。 Hungary Chinese Li Zhen is related to the recovery of overseas contacts matters。 To confirm that spring statues stolen cultural village, Li Zhen, who has been to the museum site observation identified, and submitted a petition requesting the Dutch government to help return the Buddha's embassy in Hungary。 In addition, he also twice on the matter to the Netherlands, related promotional activities in local。 In the process of the return of cultural relics help, not only overseas Chinese "man operation", but also to take "collective tactics"。
Initiated the establishment of the Chinese Collectors Association, Association and other conservation funds raised broad, multi-channel booster "treasure" to return to the land of China。
Every year since 2004 by Chinese-American recruit think rainbow formation of the "Gold Mountain Road" team of readers it has already let more than 5,000 pieces of cultural relics again return to China。
"Our team's aim is to 'contribute, send a light', a good defensive responsibilities of 'ordinary man'."。 Best trick Hong says。 "China's cultural heritage has been the cause of the majority of overseas Chinese selfless sponsorship and support。
"National Palace Museum Director Shan Jixiang pay tribute to the Overseas Chinese。 I believe in the power of a growing number of overseas Chinese, there will be more cultural journey home again shine。   "People's Daily Overseas Edition" (edition on December 20, 2017) Editor: Lirui Chen, Xu snow。

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