"Tell a good story of traditional Chinese medicine," a series of reports will be turned into the first stop Taiji Group

  BEIJING, March 23 under the electric current implementation of the "strategy" in the national context, Chiang Kai-shek usher in a broader space for development。 As (,), chairman of Brighton West said: " 'Healthy China' can not do without Chinese medicine, 'health China strategy' for the Chinese medicine industry has brought unprecedented development opportunities。 "How to grasp the opportunities of the moment?This gives a number of upstream and downstream enterprises of traditional Chinese medicine made no small challenge。
Because the medicine is ancestors left us a valuable asset, excellent culture of Chinese medicine need to inherit and carry forward。
  "Tell a good story of traditional Chinese medicine," a series of reports will open for the heritage of Chinese civilization, so based on domestic and Chinese medicine to the world, to greet the occasion of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, China News, a number of joint Medicine Agency and media industries and enterprises will jointly organize "tell a good story to preach good medicine Chinese civilization" series of reports activities。
The visit activities will be launched March 26, the first stop will walk into the activities of pharmaceutical companies in Chongqing Taiji Group。
  Currently, the revitalization and development of Chinese medicine ushered in climate, geography and people of the opportunity, tell a good story of traditional Chinese medicine, it is conducive to the healthy development of Chinese medicine, to play a better role in the national health。 Among these, the pharmaceutical companies play an important role。
  In Brighton West appears as manufacturers of proprietary Chinese medicines, Tai Chi has been a dream, is to allow more Chinese medicine can go overseas, so that more and more people agree with the ancient Chinese science of treasure, will carry forward traditional Chinese medicine culture。
  For the Chinese medicine to the world, the good doctor Pharmaceutical Group chairman Geng blessing to the confident, he said that with the reform and opening up has made remarkable achievements, Chinese culture has become popular around the world, China is also an element of the world to the one thousand Wan household。 Chinese medicine as an important part of Chinese culture, but also began to be widely accepted by States。
  Chinese medicine to promote "going out" mentioned current development of Chinese medicine, director of the State Administration of Traditional Wang Guoqiang recently has said that Chinese medicine has spread to 183 countries and regions in the world, 86 countries and the Chinese government signed the relevant Chinese medicine the cooperation agreement, China has established 17 overseas Chinese medicine center and a number of traditional Chinese medicine "going out" cooperation base。   However, Wang Guoqiang it seems, because of cultural differences, barriers to entry mechanism, Chinese medicine really "going out" still has a long way to go, so that Chinese medicine theory is accepted by the international process also requires a。
To this end, China must first do their own thing, the Chinese TCM promote, develop, Pratt & Whitney sum up more public health techniques, methods, theories and drugs。   One to carry forward the good culture of Chinese medicine, as a visiting business representatives, Brighton West think should vigorously carry out science of Chinese medicine culture, in this area want to promote standardization, the direction of normalization, professional, academic and international development。
While protecting, promoting classics side, trying to make traditional Chinese medicine from the experience of medicine to the integration of medicine, traditional Chinese medicine from a traditional pharmacy to the integration of pharmaceutical development, based on "quality classical tradition, value-driven market, academic driven innovation" concept of classics side the depth of excavation, a "past serve the present" innovative, real-world research conducted by one million cases of Tai Chi Huoxiangzhengqi solution is the integration of traditional Chinese medicine to the pharmacy to extend the penetration of the prototype。   Then build a modern, intelligent Chinese medicine enterprises。 Brighton West, said: "We must make the past serve, but also 'new use for me'。
Through innovative technology and equipment, automation in production, with the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine production can also move in the direction。 "。

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