[Inventory] commodity futures News Review one week (Jan 29 – February 2) | Futures

◎ Liaoning Fushun "Insurance + futures" claims the project is completed on January 29, "Fushun corn 'Insurance + futures' claims and Futures pilot project training will serve the real economy" was held in Fushun City, Liaoning Province。
Xinhu Futures and PICC jointly promote the corn price insurance pilot project the Yixian Formation in Liaoning Province, Jinzhou, Fushun and Qingyuan of 1469 households eligible claims 1.87 million yuan。 ◎ Liaoning Zhuanghe corn revenue insurance program paid more than 4.5 million yuan January 30, by the PICC Dalian Branch, Liaoning Zhuanghe corn Lu Futures project income insurance and risk management company Lu permit trade carried out jointly by the successful claims more than 4.5 million yuan。
◎ Xinhu Futures January 31, "the new lake futures, Linyi County in Yuncheng City Fruit Industry Development Center organized ZCE special support" in Shanxi Linyi No "Insurance Futures +" '+ Insurance Futures' financial services Agriculture and Futures introduction meeting "in both Chinese fruit – the successful holding of Linyi County。
◎ mid-HS: January National Futures market turnover up by Feb. 1%, the mid Association data show that in January the National Futures market volume in millions of hands, an increase of%, a decline%。
National Futures market turnover of one trillion yuan, an increase of%, a decline%。 ◎ DCE: standard warrants issued money transfer and payment business rules amendments February 2, DCE on February 1 issued "on the transfer of the money to modify the standard warehouse receipt and payment-related business rules", standard warehouse transfer payment and payment-related business rules were modified, and fee payment receipt and payment business has been stipulated。
The revised rules from the date of promulgation。 ◎ DCE Report: Investors further optimize the structure of some varieties to enhance the maturity of February 2, 2017 DCE released report shows that self-regulation work, in 2017, clients participate in futures trading DCE cumulative million , up 6%。
◎ gold in the flat: this warehouse contracts with the 5-year bond futures transaction fee waived February 2, Kim decided by the study, from 2018 on 2 Yue 5 Ri (Monday), 5-year bonds Ping now trading positions of each futures contract fee waived。 Mysteel analyst's views: This week, the building materials market stocks tons, weekly chain growth%, down% from a year earlier。
The current end-user purchases a limited part of the market is immeasurable pull up, mainly psychological expectations preference, today SCREW strong side shocks, Tangshan billet was up 10 yuan / ton。 Building materials market in the short term is still running within a narrow range, can not affect the actual needs of small rises and falls。 : This week the price of hot rolled Xianyihouyang prices rose slightly。
Transaction terms: Monday can still be traded, followed by continued weakness, even when the futures pull up is relatively weak; resources: resources in East China Shougang part of the weekend arrived, not the total, other northern mills have gradually arrive。
Basically a deal for the last week before the holiday next week, traders gradually began to leave the city terminal procurement was completely end of the week。 On the whole, expected next week, hot rolled coil market will run smoothly based。
: Upstream coke enterprises profits are compressed, very price mentality stronger; downstream steel high inventory, procurement initiative in general, some steel mills ready to go, put down strong mentality; major steel mills every consideration, slowing the speed of price cuts。
The overall market supply loose, short-term or coke price will fall。

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