Deutsche Bank: a share hunters need to be patient

Night network, network nightlife Finance YORK June 17 news, A shares fell sharply this week, Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) considered fragile investor sentiment is the main reason for the market decline in the short term the market will continue to call back。  Monday and Tuesday, A shares fell sharply for two consecutive trading days, the Shanghai Composite Index 5166 points from Friday's close fell to 4887 points。Wednesday's session, the Shanghai Composite fell to 4767 points, but as of 13:55 GMT, the index rebounded to 4900 points, or 0.twenty four%。In contrast, a weaker performance of Hong Kong stocks, the Hang Seng Index continued to fall from the second round of the bull market high of May 26, and Tuesday's close since a record low of April 8。  Deutsche Bank pointed out that this week's fall and crash like the May 28, when the tightening of liquidity in the market, the Commission [microblogging] strengthen supervision and risk is considered to be the largest shareholder to sell the market down the culprit, but in fact the real reason is the inherent fragility of investor sentiment。  Deutsche Bank analysts said, for the A-share market, the following four points reflects the current investor sentiment in a very unstable state: 1) the market is overvalued; 2) volume reached incredible proportions; 3) the ratio of margin debt first in the world; 4) At the same time, economic fundamentals continued to deteriorate。  Although the market already has a callback, "We do not think now is the time to bargain-hunting, short-term market may continue to adjust," Deutsche Bank said in a report the case。  Deutsche Bank recommended investors to focus on some of the recent global events, including Greece and the Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates, in addition, electoral reform bill vote in Hong Kong, China's rising market interest rates also cause for concern。  In addition, the bank said, A-share bull market and 2006–07 year bull market highly consistent, comparison chart display correction may continue for some time。Figure surge of the current bull market and 2006–07 year bull market is highly consistent (Shofu compilation)

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