Ministry of Education: recruit college students from poor families should increase focus on policy preferences

Data for: holiday rural middle school students to follow their parents up the hill labor。
Source: Vision China "notice" requirements, strict conditions apply and qualification。 National special programs directed to recruit students in poor areas, the implementation of regional focus on contiguous special difficulties for the county, as well as key counties for national poverty alleviation and development in South Xinjiang Four States, the poverty-stricken counties out of poverty special national plans to implement the region in 2018 will continue to apply national special Program policies。
Special programs directed to recruit local provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) implementation of rural students in the region, the implementation of regional and specific conditions apply to achieve full coverage (autonomous regions and municipalities) Ethnic Autonomous County of the province the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) determined according to local conditions, by the。
Special programs to recruit college orientation in remote, poverty, ethnic and other regions of the county (including county-level cities) of the following high school studious, good student achievement in rural areas, the region is determined by the implementation of the relevant provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities)。 He urged all localities to strictly implement the plan to apply for special conditions, improve qualification measures to further improve the multi-sectoral joint audit mechanism provincial, municipal and county levels of education, public security, to ensure that candidates household registration, enrollment true and accurate。
Conscientiously carry out the requirements for qualified candidates to verify universities, verification of candidates by people related materials。
  "Notice" stressed the increased promotional services and helping candidates。
Called on all localities and relevant universities to increase enrollment propaganda, in-depth and secondary schools in poor areas to carry out special programs take many forms extensive policy advocacy, improve the effectiveness of propaganda。 Candidates innovative service initiatives, provide more convenient for the candidates to apply for service。 Increase policy support to students from poor families to reach the next filing card established candidates from poor families, the same conditions relevant universities Toudang priority admission requirements。
Complete their studies by increasing financial aid to students from poor families and other measures to help students find special。
  "Notice" requirements, strict enrollment management and investigate violations。
Requirements and relevant universities around the perfect way of special enrollment plan, admissions program optimization work to improve the chance of admission of candidates。 Strengthen the continuity of work, do a good job candidates voluntary reporting, admissions, etc.。 Earnestly implement the enrollment message for ten disclosure requirements, the initiative to accept the candidates, schools and public oversight。
Increase efforts to deal with violations of illegal activities planned special admissions process, according to the law severely punished。 For providing false application materials of candidates, identified as cheating in national education examinations, qualifications and plans to cancel its special year college entrance qualification。

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