Topic: Passed died generation of comic masters racing season

Our original production of cigarettes called "dung beetle bug card", although this brand is not loud enough, but it is very strong local flavor ah!Roll the dung children!You think this brand can not stink yet?We follow immediately change brands, we changed to "peach card", that means that I draw a box of peach cigarettes can make you live forever。 Later, people give us the morning train doggerel: "peach, peach, not so awkward suck it vain。
"The results of this brand and smelly blanket!We also change the smell, replaced by "beauty" brand, and on cigarette packages to draw a big girl, My Fair Lady, facial features handsome, dressed, left a small bag slung, right hand tucked a cigarette。 Race angel called My Fair Lady, do not love red loading cigarettes。
– "universe cigarettes" Do not say it!Why do you?Full-length features on top of my head, I had to listen to the!The division of labor is not the same facial features, have to support each other and help each other, to unite in order to dry out thing Come?According to you this way, to emphasize their own importance, not your friends!go!go! – "facial features power struggle" west of the dairy cow wow, no less than the milk。
Later take you to find a go, you are busy schedule, regardless of fatigue, facing the cow you blow on it!(Blowing on it?) You say on the matter!Say some comic, moved that Niua eye out along the way milk flow! – "bragging" my small contribution to it?(what happened?) I have no credit elbow grease, no elbow grease my fatigue, I have a complaint it did not fatigue。 – "special disease"。

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