Maybe you a Ye Hongfeng

“Empty mountain rain, the weather late to fall。According moon between pine, spring stone upper。”Burst of autumn hit, such as springs like a cold through my heart, I love this season cool, I like the Maple Leaf as fire this season, I will promise you a Ye Hongfeng。    Autumn rhythm of the next stop, as well as my mind was cool up more and more bright red maple leaf, a piece of bright red autumn show sometime in the branches; a piece of red Shuoshuo desire to be floating in mid-air off the wind when on, anxious to put everything together with the feeling carried away football dream in this bleak reluctant curtain call; open courtyard layers extend to a piece of bright red lying, enjoying this moment very serene, micro gradually breeze chigger off, setting off a few pieces not dance enough and mischievous red maple。    That countless red maple, either hanging from a tree, or falling through the air, or is lying in the courtyard, all of life to death all people would envy。I walk in the trail red maple, hard feelings clear autumn this season, feeling her cool water, feeling her style various。Drop of rain to the red maple, willow tree full of fog cover, everything is hazy beauty, she has gradually entered the late autumn season。    In this autumn is getting late moment, the air floated a Ye Hongfeng, stopped at my palm spread out, but hard feelings, my distant, pleasant child, I promise you this quietly Ye Hongfeng。It is so bright red, is like that of the understanding, as my heart infinite tenderness for you。I love you, lingering water, slowly flowing in my heart, in your heart; I love you, Ye Hongfeng such as this will never fade, bright red like passion, dedication forever, this life is not given Acacia negative meaning, to make sub-Fu Zhenghong。    Spread out her hand, I paused for red maple, as prolonged stretching from deep affection for you。I do Fu Hongfeng warmth, Ye Hongfeng promise you this, to satisfy my deep feelings, you will live this life I ask。    Looking at the mountains and plains of red maple, close the eyes, I've been in the middle of red maple heaven, along with my heart, together with my deep feelings for you, along with you from afar floated silvery sound of laughter。    Rain of late autumn, even more exquisitely carved, Xian Xian dripping, eyes closed, and I hugged you in paradise red maple, sometimes dancing, sometimes lying down, sometimes very heartfelt hope on the wooden chair, full that happiness does not need words。Wind waves floated in the air wind wave of red maple, red maple toward your smile on my branches, litter on the side of the red maple just around the corner。Chill wind, I hug you tighter。Pretty child in my arms, I want to promise you a Ye Hongfeng, let you in my arms have been warm and happy, let Maple entrusted everlasting oath。    Maple minor ailments in heaven, I see, Oh, so this pursuit blown red maple, not wind my palm, nor is it does not retain the tree, but I deliberately and persistence。I do not want to leave it in a tree, I do not want the wind take it the distance, I just want to hand it to my heart, to my dreams, so I borrow it promised to you for life gentle, promised to you forever, promise to give you the highest power, promised to you staying with us for a lifetime stay forever。    ……    Affectionate, promise you a Ye Hongfeng, let our affection as red maple like never fade; affectionate, a Ye Hongfeng promise you, if you never betray, dependent life and death I have set。

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