This is an autumn night, starting from a dream night.Lighting, autumn, autumn insects, shadows, clouds and moon, constitutes a silent autumn night.Oblique lighting is shining fence tonight who will call people dream of it?Perhaps “People look for him thousands of Baidu, when I look back, that people in the lights of the Alexandra bar” gently blowing wind and soft, it is the best hypnosis, tweet Qiuchong, very rhythmic singing, let autumn show more quiet.Man in a dream, after all thinking rather disorderly.Dream piece is not connected for a complete plot, while his shadow appeared, it was a vague image; while the scene is two people quarrel; while they are on the beach chasing romantic plot, and plot these fragments and perhaps her he has in the past.She did not know perhaps these scenarios occurred in real life.She can not explain these dream fragments, these dreams do not know what the results indicate.Wake up from a dream, and that there is no soft lighting, only oblique sunlight from the window into the goal, as well as my mind vague plot.Morning, avoid strong body dragged lazy to get up, mind not yet fully awake, perhaps even feel too much pain dream last night too messy, awareness is still stuck in last night’s dream: Inspired by crushing small steps, walking with light shallow walking, stepping tweeted rhythm, as if clumps of dark, under little shadow, walking to the edge of the summer and autumn, while summer is restlessness, while the quiet of autumn plowing.In this quiet manic mixture of night, night Jing’an product a product taste, if there is no legal interest in fishing dash of restlessness, net a few stars, finely ground in autumn deep and dark, perhaps another round a few interesting.This is part of the autumn evening, and some read like wells, lingering between the hair A breath of disputes in the nose.For emotional autumn night, tonight is a sense of who you fall asleep it?In addition to humming and blowing at the autumn Qiuchong, drink a glass of wine, and the light will be a little intoxicated, with a gentle feeling, the same outside the fence, even if it’s not real life, it is a virtual dream Ye Hao.Wine and song, in order, though it is disordered character asks the chorus of the song, it is the natural expression of emotion.Autumn is the miss of the season, there August 15 Mid-Autumn Festival, there will be distributed to them of internet dating, these all contain a traditional emotional thoughts.People into middle age, nothing, only dreams can still give yourself some comfort.Pursue eight thousand miles clouds and moon, but a white head empty sadness, those shadows, clouds and moon, retained only vaguely melancholy in a dream.

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