Also on summer vacation

Time off really fast, as if that white horse through the gap, but also a little too much.In those days of going to a holiday, I always look forward to summer vacation to come quickly, as if once the summer begins, all the fatigue and trouble will be gone.Every day seems like the kind of printer the same way of life may feel tired. But when the real holiday, but also do not feel particularly comfortable.As if the holiday is also not as good imagination.At six in the morning he did not wake up consciously, or not until nine at night on the eyes astringent.Even the look of their favorite books can not look at two more.Knowing that holiday, and the heart can be abstract, no more of those little things bugging.However, the pace of life has not changed, still reluctant to lay in bed, eyes open, with gentle bed.Dawn, its call is so charming, I could not resist. Perhaps this is all for granted because of it, which has been carved into the hearts of habit, not because of the arrival of summer and easily change.Even slight changes in his heart will have that kind of unnatural.Even if the house is not busy thing, son have their own thing, and I can not go hand in hand.I also quiet on, I had to look at the books before the summer holidays ready to see.At the time I told myself more than once: put a summer vacation With time, these books must see. However, when I ate breakfast alone in the upstairs look at me like these books, the title page of these books are also floating faint scent of ink. When I was normal, and each time get this book, as if to get a baby, put it down, read carefully, lest his hand too much force the dog-eared pages.Those books are brought to borrow from the library.Although by then love books, but did not go to the bookstore bought luxury, there is the city of the students brought from home, I know that I love, but also willing to give me.Can not buy books, and that the heart of the difficulties, is today’s children will never know the. Now, when their own to the bookstore, never because cash-strapped, and dared not look like those of the books.Every time I go to buy a few this will.Put them on the shelves, often pick up these books, but not that time of excitement and passion.They just quietly put in there, like soldiers being inspected.And I always based on something more than as an excuse, they can no longer hard to read.Sometimes even want to see, but can not stick to look for a while, his mind a mess, the text of the book but also as clouds adrift.I was dizzy after a while, it will close the book, and not to imagine that the story should continue to develop the.I know, I do not calm down, is this decade’s time, changed my.It took me covered edges polished smooth, it put up a fight I have to spend no deposit. Can not be read on the book, I think of the basketball court, so unconsciously, will open the door to school.Standing on the basketball court, walking back and forth, he knew he could not do strenuous exercise.Could not play basketball this summer, and even run in the morning may be canceled.While I own these injuries dismissive, on the one hand, they think of doctors, there are those unscrupulous sports I suffered injuries. I know, I really want to take a rest, at least for this summer. Before coming to mahjong, I feel very chic, but now they have no interest in it.Even if only one person quietly by myself, do not want to go there.That I spend a lot of time where I did not seem to leave any good memories. Yes, so this summer is about to slip away.I’m glad I finally found what I loved the way of life in this year’s summer vacation, not a crazy sport, but I gradually up of fat, grow fat, maybe I’m in such a simple life, really feel it brings me joy. When together with his son, I enjoy happiness with him.Son is not around, I slowly walked into the book, I was back at the past, I was in the books, fly free, happily cruising, selflessly ride.I will not begrudge their tears and let it fly, with the touching story.I am comfortable to laugh, I will not care about his black teeth, when the story finally had what I expected outcome. If the stuffy feel to hold back in the building, I went downstairs, to the northwest corner of the vegetable market, looking for the old man playing chess, or together with his wife to take a walk on the levee.Where the new park, although not in large cities and bustling style, but there is also Xiaojiabiyu like simple and natural.Rockery stones piled, although not against the background of the water, there are verdant green embellishment, and will not be too monotonous.A prominent than those neat before the most beautiful forest of cedar, fir these are not built in a park, it has been gratifying, has a lifetime of decades, crowded together into one, there are clouds trend.Set off by sparkling water, it is very charming.Wander in them, feel relaxed and happy. But, hot weather, sweating pedestrians.There Guangzhuobangzi, shuttle them, slightly beneath decency.But this is not an exaggeration, it is unbearably hot days, see Chuitiao yellow hair, contented and happy, music is not he, as one of them, but also full of joy. Summer for many years, are not so fulfilling to spend. Now, when I look at my read of a book, he wrote a diary then, thinking of these moments slip away.No wasted years of remorse.But, that golden decade, but mostly barren, every time I think it is regrettable. Yes, life can have a few years, if not cherish, but also a flash ten years.

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