Do not miss your landscape

Everyone is a part of their landscape, you can not miss.    In the process of life, in the pursuit of what I have in the end?What joy?What sadness?I really do not know.Once, I was careful to think about how many sleepless night, to survey Wu, hard to measure the distance between people, the word pen to tell the tenderness of the heart.I did not find, let your heart satisfactory answer.    Once upon a time, I also used to go and Elegant tearoom tea product listen to music, listen to the product when happy, when sadness also listen to goods.Sometimes I ask myself, how this tea taste?What does this music make How about you remember?What can still forget it?Which will give your heart to restore calm in the past, or to treatment that your heart unspeakable sadness?    Each person’s life experience, is always true, never false.So it is destined to be sad or happy, or happy, or laugh, or lonely, or lost, or feelings of regret, we see what kind of mood, how to deal with it.There overcast with sunny, flowers frost, wind rain, this is real life.Whether today or in the future, we must be hard to face it, straight spine, no longer have to try to escape what.The concept of survival, had not it is so simple to the extreme?    Saying goes: “weak tea products in the past half a cup, a non-away voiceless”.Those days are gone, originally belonging to their own, whether brilliant or, frustrated abjection worth mentioning, no matter how much they have or not, want it or not, you can not shake off and discarded.    Life you will never forget the things people forget, forget the people and things is not going to forget, let it be retained in the depths of memory.Even able to forget something, I ask you not going to forget, because that is your way through the traces left behind.Want to go to this thought, went missing when the read!    People say, spring, summer, autumn and winter, is their different every beautiful scenery.In fact, what happens in life is a complete four seasons beautiful scenery pictures.To me, though occupation was the king of the children, but meantime, reclamation antipodes of the things I done, Gou me through the day to make a living, build through brick walls, concrete mix over, carry over Liangdai, cotton bales..And now, like a smear text, run from the “Lake of literature” such a publication, slander the reputation of Ye Hao worth mentioning, during which only the joy of knowing it.Do such a thing, for nothing more than their own lives more than outline a sum Bale.Whenever I have never regretted it as they have now choice.Everything I do is only trying to photograph on the canvas of their own and more faint outline some of the thick ink, let it be a landscape of their own.    I have been deeply remember such a sentence of life: “Life is the beginning of their cries, others ended in tears.”.This is the middle time, the process of life, is called happiness, called Landscape.”Sincere and calm live each day, every day.Hearts of their loved ones, as you have added a deep care, your friend is there, beside more than a beautiful landscape.    When we look back it inadvertently, and should be grateful to those who give life to their own wind, rain, frost, snow course, is that they let us have one of their own landscape.Since this Scenery of their own, he must go himself hugging lived it, was not to make it past the wrong body.My friends, you say?

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