Drunk laugh Red three thousand games, not willing to complaints from the War

Cold Moon hanging in the far distant vast, it seems dense with flowers, quietly back.    Through this season’s dust, fly through once the flowers of summer season, still love through late autumn evening, through snow ethereal romance.Scattered in time, Find a quiet setting sun under the afterglow, let the breeze to freshen up the development of new memories, count had left behind a brief fleeting.    Over the years, tired of leaves scatter, tired of listening to autumn Jun Jun.Floating mansions of his life, busy emergency.In fact, through the years the number of years during which I have forgotten.Just walking on the dust secretly told me that the season has been as dramatic staged numerous fields, almost in an instant, the heart of thousands of years old.    Since then, I walk pen, writing love Red warm, poetic aura, as once put a literal feast, writing Red Dust, light rain Yan Flying aesthetic.Yong ray of tempting thoughts, listening to the Millennium rhyme.I was writing, but do not mind who read.Quiet night, I daydream stage.I borrowed a pair of eyes the stars, sun and moon light concept of sublimation.They do not take Seduction solo, dance drunk phenomena in the world, the dance is the Red poly edge scattered, road, basking under a fragrance, where the sun rises, soul, life playing music, an Allure, the world like a knife, universe, such as sleeves, I put all the memories are moored at the pier yesterday, I worry about past and present with both feet beyond the pale.We begin with the heart, love meaning a shoulder, missing sleeves, since ancient times, people have stained dust, I also newcomers!Swimming fate of decadent dark silence, journey of life forgotten all the vicissitudes of life, thousands of Red, fleeting far, the best time, leaving behind only the touch of desolation laugh.    Embrace the night, the lights dim.Make a cup of Yin breeze, Danyue a drink, often a person listening to the songs sit at the computer, in order to silence gesture, looking at those strange, familiar names come and go in this space, looking at them sometimes leaving only the occasional word or phrase or drifting marks a touch of warmth and deeply moved from the bottom of my heart began to spread.Thousands of people if a human friend, this life is also full.I do not expect someone can truly understand me, just want to cry in their own time, someone handed me a paper towel and gently told me no big deal, you and me.I am happy or when there is another person with me spoil me happy, if life there is really such a person, I think today will be no full screen of this sad, I wanted to find a way to share the joy of life together or sad people, and how difficult it?Acquaintance over the world, few people can truly intimate?    Pour cold so, if the bloom War.All things are given day, the slightest help people.I do not know ourselves too superficial look at the issue, or everyone would hide himself in too deep.Until mud party is together, yet only now falling into the water from.Maybe those people and things in life have gone through together, can really only if the War Goodbye met.Always believed that life is but a reincarnation, again and again.A fireworks.Half a blurred.Tonight, crossing the Red eyes, touch memories promenade.I make time to narrow the distance between you, offer all kinds of thoughts, turn nine ileum.In the moment in hand, brewing lukewarm belong to the earth, and let perpetual stay in the first encounter of the screen, the moment solidified into a forever.

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