Embrace a belief

” ” ” Embrace a belief of: ancient calm Code Editor: always get along in a blink of an eye, time flies, the mind has a long and arduous journey.      Such a sigh, occasionally flashing a smile after the youth and over, those genuine warmth, those flowery smile, call those years the wine, got drunk, and those who did not sleep all night watching movies.In those days, always a back laughing to go out, my generation How can it be basil heroic people such as Li Bai, very few Lifetime than a hundred, Chang Huai Chitose worry Dushao Fu-like vicissitudes, the 2007 second trip to Chengdu see the cottage where the statue of Du Fu Qing Qu again, the total could not think of what kind of fat can be reduced to a Yang Yuhuan.The Secret History of the on-screen Yang, Tao Yin version, which will not we often say that the beauty of plump.      Teenage love melancholy words, such as that of Fu Xin Jiaxuan Xinchou, the heart of the worries is there, watery Qingchou, cut, and chaotic, although singing ambition to speak for worry, but still sad at heart , but lack some solemn.      Was it still can be traced, the past has been smoke.      Listening to music can still clearly remember the time the bridge at that moment, those familiar with the singer Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Leon Lai Kwok.There are like grasshoppers Chao Chuan Emil Chau.Today, they have been stricken in years, such as Jordan hung up boots.That day saw Jimmy Lin looks on the screen, could not think that sixteen of the flowering season, and the rainy season it is difficult to imagine the.      Years knife, cut each in a rich or poor or face.      What really old, recently often silent when a person Looking back, Mr. Huang Yongyu said he was not unhappy vagabond son of the river, he was holding a free and easy pipe could not help but make us strong spirit like a tribute to the aged.He and Shen Congwen table nephew relationship, they are very high Humane State of the people, hear their hometown of Phoenix flooded, but I think they flooded the clear spirit is immortal.      On earth was removed, everyone has their own difficulties in traveling.    Multi Crossroads, security in the dream.Maybe we can not Carefree life.    Hustle and bustle of the world, Xujiahui church steeple still directed at the blue sky.Just how many people had time to glance, to think about the suffering of the Lord.    Sometimes, a pen, is a lonely sword, that is the case, Mr. Lu Xun.    Whether or Jing Ke Gao Jianli, the same as the cold Yi River.    See Ji Gong, which we dare to laugh at his personal madness.    Look in the Condor Zhou Botong, which person we dare to laugh at his crazy stubborn.    See Mother Teresa, which we dare laugh woman Zhiruo shoulders.      That day to see the translation of male sports star, he was so fat there is such a flexible language, as that is called Zhang Yue hostess, her heart even than Dong Qing even mildly.      Whether fat and thin, life needs its own strength and dignity.    Looking forward to this summer, because of the World Cup, and again feel the feast of football, once again let the night become gorgeous.     This summer, let fragile gone.     Text embrace beliefs, expectations poetic Elixir of Love. ” ‘

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