Eyes Shenshen Shen dash

Always feel that the world has a very big window, that was my eyes; the world has always felt a very big universe, that is my mind.I often a person lying on my window, I see everything in the universe, or cry, or laugh, or static or dynamic, or clear or confused.    Deep eyes, there is a very, very long road, pedestrians coming and going on the road, just as the thoughts that come and go, familiar but never remember where they occur.Only with the direction of extension of the memory of that road, in search of specious familiar with, and ultimately let it strange away.I heard called down, but not to give up.    Deep eyes, there is a blue as the sea, the sea without sailing little bit, no people playing the game, only the wind pushing the waves come, and then listen to your secrets to your secrets wrote poetry said to listen to the sea.Sea hurt, but you laughing mood.Legend called love, is not called love.    Deep eyes, there is a Koho, Koho head sky with white clouds to do a rain.Yun said: “Your experience of life difficult for water, I can not remove the cloud of Wushan.”Koho Koho have a lofty, elegant Clouds.You’re not that my mountain, I am not that your water.We met not the most supreme, but rubbing shoulders and the case.Mountains and sky to stay long distance, very good, aloof.    Deep eyes, like a fireworks night sky, soon as soon put fireworks loud, bright and open, romantic and put out.Fireworks do not know the night of loneliness, do not know the night of soulful fireworks.Fireworks for the night burning beautiful, beautiful night can only look at the fireworks from the beautiful away.I do not know who is right or wrong love, crazy love, moths to flame can, jumping spray can, that kind of gone, also called eternal life.    —— I was so in my universe, either deterred eyes back and forth like searchlights.I was so in my window, I read the bible without words.This kind of reading called crack, know how to call it a treasure.    I’ve been called a deep look daze, but I would like to ask: look deep, deep dash ——

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