Autumn also wounding injury

I am passionate, but also greedy, every autumn, the beginning of every life lost, melancholy always inadvertently only under the brow, but our hearts. Chengde Every cloudy, gray clouds chaotic, cold air scurrying around.You struggle, and finally get out of bed slowly in the warm blanket.When curled up walking in the campus road, click, click sound comes, you have frozen the lower face, covered with yellow Leaves campus.Shuer, a few pieces of semi-half yellow green leaves in air struggling, floating pendulum, to the final destination of the earth.A trace of sadness inadvertently slip on your brow: Autumn has come. I did not like living in the South Xia Yan, the hearts often miss the autumn in the north.I prefer the recovery of spring, warm summer, winter white, but had autumn, always make me sad.I do not like yellow leaves become dry, I seem to see the tree helpless, powerless, unable to provide nutrients and water to help the leaves, and in fact, at the moment the tree is selfish, as he can resist the cold and ruthless abandon leaf.Full leaf struggling, only have to stay a while swaying in the wind.Most flowers are wilting dying at the moment.Flower of youth is only so a few months, or even days.”Dream of Red Mansions” in her is sad, haggard mourner has been the scene of haunting.Just listen to her Yin to “Lennon today mourner laugh crazy, Lennon know who is buried in future”, “Shabana flower fly sky, red incense off who pity” passing of life, always more or less in mind blowing waves. The autumn wind is bleak, always intentionally or unintentionally, fiddled with your mind.The vast green forest, once it blows cold autumn yellow, Kiba is fail to beat the autumn, only obediently fall, the leaves can always unwilling.If the wind is gradually warm spring full body, it is the moment of Chengde autumn cold invasion of the body, make you shiver in the Depression of the King.Nor can fall as winter Weizhehuolu, baked sweet potato, a family reunion together, who wants to go out, enjoy a different kind of fun.However, this is also a matter of course.You need to fall out of the event can be a lot le, you have to prepare for fight. Autumn night, it is not better.Often standing on the dormitory balcony through the glass and saw dim lights, see the shivering leaves, people are anxious to step back in time, even the roadside hibiscus trees seemed to be cold Jiyu fall.I opened the door and a sense of bleak instant hit full body, scowled at the moment to feel the wind, immediately close the window.Looked up, the days are dark, but not black beneath pure, giving a sense of chaos.Looking to find, but seek not see the shadow of the month and stars.So for several nights, often leave disappointed.Fantasy one day to see the bright moon, the moon shone on the window Qinghui, a few sparse stars, but also happy to wink at me, was so thorough chengjing. At the moment, I do not like autumn, because I do not like passing, do not wilt like, do not like confusion.

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