A group of western ducks

The ducklings grew up day by day and slowly put on their vests – big hairs grew on their wings. Mother always has a smile on her face. I don’t know what my mother is looking forward to with these ten ducklings. It should be the only living property in our family except for a pig in the circle.. ‘ How lovely! ‘ This is what my mother often praises these ducks.   Recently, old duck soup and western duck soup are popular in the street. Especially the western duck soup, because of its scarcity, may be stained with a’ west’ word, and gourmets are gradually bullish on the western duck soup. The golden oil soup was always filled with diners, lifting chopsticks to the pan and flying up and down. In the end, there are flammulina velutipes, taro and other dishes to cheer up, and the reputation of western duck soup is floating outside. The soup stewed with western duck meat is indeed a word ” sweet”. Why don’t you invite three friends and four friends to gather at the edge of the pot and eat?     At present there is such a western duck, with both feet tied with a straw, the old power and prestige has disappeared. The butcher of the vegetable market is now the owner of the west duck and is waiting to be sold. It was time for someone to come to inquire, and more than one person did.     The old west duck was fed by my sister – in – law. It’s too difficult to manage. One leader can fly all the way through a positive ditch.. . ” topless butcher, not without showing off.     I believe this man’s words. I am familiar with the west duck. The black feathers all over the body are shiny black and have red protrusions on their heads. This black color alone is clearly distinguished from ordinary ducks.. If the male west duck, the black hair on its wings will show green and bright in the black, which is the same as the peacock’s hair color. The male west duck always has to show that it is different from other ducks in that it likes to be brave. When meeting a stranger, the drake craned its neck and lowered its head. Mao Li on its head should stand up, which is also a kind of provocation.. Although its cry is far less loud than that of a local duck, it still uses its own voice to voice its protest to the people sipping at it.. I suspect that this foreign duck can’t speak the local dialect and always sounds hoarse, just like people who can’t make a sound when they catch a cold, and a bit like the sound of rural bitches after quarreling for a few days and nights.. The voice was not as good as the people’s fear, but the momentum was so fierce that a group of western ducks followed suit and sipped their voices in protest..     Western ducks also have extraordinary skill. They walk around on the ground uneasily, either flying to fences, low walls, or perching on branches to show their otherness.. In the morning, I walked past them and inadvertently disturbed their dreams. All the ridges flew into the paddy field near the courtyard, and black and black objects stood in the field, sipping a mouthful of water with a wide mouth and looking at me to smile. What can I do with these things that scared me too?     In my memory, when I was a child, a group of western ducks raised by my family did not have time to perform these kung fu or stunts, let alone become a non-irritating western duck soup on the table to be tasted..     Should be six years old, my world is a small mountain village under an unknown mountain. It is wrong to say that it is nameless. We all call it ” Bambusa bambusa” and, of course, the small curved village under the ” Bambusa bambusa bambusa” is called Bambusa bambusa bambusa. My world is so big. The first paddy field in front of the courtyard is my pond, planted with taro. I don’t know when I planted it. I saw a full pool of taro leaves anyway.. ‘ He Tiantian of taro leaves”, sun sprinkled the taro leaves of the field, breeze brushed the taro leaves of the field, the taro leaves with clear channels and collaterals were deeply imprinted in my mind, and there were red dragonflies and grey dragonflies chasing on the taro leaves.. In fact, there is my paradise.     I don’t know when my mother bought a group of ducklings. There are about a dozen of them, living and pleasing. I didn’t know at that time that this was all my mother’s sustenance, but I was excited to see such a lively creature. The little creatures were so obedient that their mother drove them to the pond to graze, and only a few times did they find a way home. Want to know, our family entered at the end of the yard, the small things had to pass through the deep smartweed grove, a path not too curved, a grass house for educated youth, and then through the uncle’s house and a small patio before they could come home.. During the journey, many people came and went, and there were also Xiao Mao puppies playing on the road.. For these little things, the way home is arduous, but the little things come back to their mother with their heads cocked and necks propped up by ducks.. After asking for food, they jumped into the pond full of taro leaves along the old road again..     The taro leaves are covered with green and finely chopped duckweeds, and ducks row duckweeds, leaving a string of sips, and their figure should have been submerged in the sea of taro leaves..I can only listen to the laughter of the ducklings in the smartweed leaves on the shore and know where they are. ‘ bamboos whisper of washer-girls bound home, lotus-leaves yield before a fisher-boat. I compared this group of foreign beautiful ducks in black gauze to Huan women. I am here to know the duck’s return from taro leaves.. They swam away and came back to me like a group of playful children.     Ducklings grow very fast and mothers are very happy. Every time I look at this group of swaying black balls and see the ducklings returning home like dumplings around their necks, my mother, like looking forward to her son’s return, hurriedly uncovers the baskets filled with millet … When the shower rang, my mother asked me to go to the edge of the field and see if our west duck came back.. The taro leaves are too thick, and the rinsing rain sounds from the taro leaves, which comes from nature, are indeed perfect. The ducklings are still chasing the taro leaves, and their cries show their happiness.     As the rain grew heavier, I picked a taro leaf and placed it on my head. I looked through the gaps in the taro leaf to find my friend, just like looking for my family. Perhaps the duckling is the first time to see such a heavy rain, or the taro leaves can no longer shield the ducks, but they also stop looking for food happily, lift their breasts and cry in dismay.. I waved to them, and they turned away from me and wouldn’t listen to my command at all. This may be the first time the ducks have experienced wind and rain, I think.     I went back to my mother like a drowned rat, and she touched my forehead and ordered me to take off my clothes and change them. ‘ duck son will come back, when the rain stops. ‘ mother’s tone is so sure. I don’t feel at all that my mother is helpless to her favorite ducks when the heavy rain is raging.. How did my west ducks spend this long night in the windy and heavy rain fields? I don’t know. I only worried about these ducks all night. I also heard my mother sighing slightly. On several occasions, I woke up from my dream and saw my mother still sitting, chanting quietly, worrying and praying for the safety of the ducklings. Want to come that night, mother is sleepless.     The next day, of course, the rain stopped. The sky washed by the heavy rain is extremely blue and the air is extremely cool. We have no desire to appreciate and feel it.. In the morning light, the rickety ducks came home in a procession.. We hurried to meet these little guys who were abandoned by us for a night.. Mother scattered millet all over the place to shock the little guys. It’s a song, my little brothers.     The ducklings grew up day by day and slowly put on their vests – big hairs grew on their wings. Mother always has a smile on her face. I don’t know what my mother is looking forward to with these ten ducklings. It should be the only living property in our family except for a pig in the circle.. ‘ what a lovely girl! ‘ This is what my mother often praises these ducks.     Sadness follows joy. These lively ducks died one day quietly. Pale face pet, helpless lying on the ground, black hair looks so dry and lifeless, saliva flows out of his mouth and his eyes have long been closed feebly.. My heart pain is conceivable. In less than two days, the ducks returned to the west one by one, and finally they all said goodbye to us.. We don’t know how they died. My mother’s sigh urged my heart to ache. I never expected these ducks to bring me anything. I only treated them as my own family. Now, these little creatures have left me and my mother, and my grief is conceivable.     Later I begged my mother to feed another group. Mother always shook her head. ‘ feed the beast must be luck! Yes, a group of ducklings that were originally in good shape were so full of energy that they were gone for a while. This is not luck. What is it? So little success, god also did not give mother. Since then, our family has not fed any western ducks.     Until today, I have never seen such a beautiful group of western ducks.As long as I close my eyes, there will always be a group of western duck shadows climbing up from taro fields, waddling through smartweed forests, swinging around, propping up their breasts, nodding their heads, crossing cat or dog territory, and looking forward to our family coming … Tuesday, October 5, 2010.

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