Uncle came back from his hometown again. He was still carrying a bulging sack with rickets on his back..   From then on, they were often seen together in the community: uncle with rickets, father with a limp face. Uncle is brother, father is brother, they are brothers.   Uncle took his father, walked around the neighborhood and picked up some waste products for fear that we were too dirty. Uncle never took these waste products home. He took his father to sell the waste products and then gave his father three pieces of the money he earned. He left a piece of it . Uncle Gao’s father was ten years old and had not married all his life and had been living with his father, the younger brother.. The old man in the village told us that several of our sisters were held up by uncle, and he would hold me with one arm and sister with one arm . ah, a capable and educated father is the pride of uncle, but uncle is his father’s reliance. in those days when he needs to shake the windlass to pick water to eat, his father never picked water and what needs lifting is often the end of uncle’s lifting, because uncle is brother and father is brother.. I don’t know from which day, uncle’s back began to camel, and he often had to depend on the donkey when he came back from the city. At that time, there were fewer vehicles, and some human trucks needed uncle’s donkey to pull his feet, and uncle’s feet did not know how many roads he had travelled . Uncle is old, and the era of human pulling his feet is over, and he no longer went to the city to pull his feet.. Father is still used to uncle carry water, still carry light when carrying things, because uncle is his brother.   Uncle didn’t go to school, but he wrote beautiful wild grass. When I was a child, I often saw uncle writing on the ground with branches as soon as he had free time.. But my father has been writing very well. The Spring Festival couplets are often written by my father, and my uncle never has a chance. After his father was ill, he could not hold a pen in his hand. Once a house in the village built a house, he took a pen and paper to find his father, but his father could not write it. Everyone asked his uncle to write it. It was only then that he had the honor of seeing his uncle’s wild grass and his uncle could not read, and someone needed to write it well. His uncle was absorbed in writing and did not write it for a long time, but all of them were surprised and admired. How could he not see it before he became a word?!   Father’s language function declined, his speech was often vague, his uncle was deaf and often did not know what his father said. Whenever this happened, his father would always lose his temper, reprimand his uncle, his uncle still smiled generously, still took his father for a walk in the neighborhood the next day, picking up waste products, and then distributed more than half of the money he had sold to his father….   Uncle is brother, father is brother, they are brothers.

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