Flowers in the dust

‘ Silly Big Ya” is my sister. In fact, she is not stupid at all. Before, I didn’t know. She didn’t like the name. Until that day, I saw tears on her face and heard her most real call from the bottom of my heart: ” Am I really stupid?”? ‘ I realized that in her heart there was a humble flower, just like in the dust.     Because of her humble position, from a very young age, ” silly big ya” never spoke much. she always stood quietly beside adults and never went to trick or play the woman.. Help adults do as much work as they can. Shaking the windmill, tidying up the house, washing clothes and cooking, she did very well.     Because of her humble position, she always cleans herself up and dresses beautifully.. She is afraid that other people don’t like her, and she is afraid that others will tell her what is wrong with her. She was a famous beauty to the west of Shuangcheng when she was in a good family, but she was not confident. She felt that she was not beautiful enough, because others called her ” silly big ya”.     Because of her humble position, she always brings home candy from other people to her younger brother and sister when she goes to relatives.. At this moment, Laoshu always smiled and said, ” Silly, silly.”. Sister always feels dejected at hearing this. Fortunately, her mother always said to everyone that Da Ya can understand. She has always tasted delicious food and is reluctant to eat it. She will bring it back to her younger brother and sister.. At this time, she will relax a little and feel recognized. She doesn’t know, Laoshu is jealous of me every time she looks at her and says’ silly big ya’. In my opinion, Laoshu has only a sister in her heart.     Because of her humble position, she learned a good skill and was an excellent nurse and epidemic prevention doctor in Xiqin Township.. Every time I accompany her to send sugar pills and take shots, how many people will give her a favorable look. Many children chased her and praised her beauty. When I was young, I lived in her shadow all the time. She always felt that others praised me for being smart. She always thought she was’ silly big ya’. So she tried to do things better. She was also a midwife even for rural women who had children..     Because of her humble position, she always shows filial piety to the elderly and never annoys her elders. She always cares about her younger brother and sister.. With the money she saved, she bought crutches for grandma and cotton shoes for grandpa. On the day of going out to school, my sister always eats instant noodles and doesn’t even want to buy food in order to dress decently for me who also goes out to school.. She dressed me beautifully with the money she saved from her mouth, just because I cried and told her that I didn’t have good clothes.     Having such a sister has always been my pride. Since I was a child, I felt that she was in a superior position and loved by many people.. Although when all eyes around her are focused on her, in order to win favor, I will say that mom and dad are eccentric. No matter what I say, I will keep arguing with her, and she will never let her parents be embarrassed, and everything will leave me alone.. So, I got a bike first, I got a watch first, I got beautiful clothes first, and I got the chance to go out to school first.. Therefore, he constantly heard Laoshu say, ” silly girl, what a silly girl.”.     Later, when I grow up, I will find out by accident that my sister is hiding in the corner crying and her eyes are swollen and swollen. She will not say what happened to her.. Being forced by me, she occasionally said coldly, ” I, a silly person, what can I do for you?”. However, in my heart, I never thought my sister was’ silly’. Because she did everything well, she was seldom criticized. I feel inferior just in front of her. I always feel that I can’t do anything well.     Later, my sister got married. My husband is a childhood friend of primary school students and is very kind to my sister. Brother – in – law works in Daqing, and they put their home in Daqing. Later, I came. Brother and sister-in-law also came. Now mom and dad are living with all of us in Daqing. Because there is a sister, a family, love each other, happy.     Today, my sis already has her own business, her own son, several houses and beautiful car.When I accidentally praised her, my sister pulled me aside and seriously asked me, ” Am I really stupid?”? What stupid things have I done? For so many years, I have always felt’ silly’ how suddenly, a little confused’ and’ don’t know where I am silly? ‘ My heart felt sad. My dear sister, I only know that I love you, but I have never paid attention to your heart. Elder sister, do you know that your stupidity is that you are kind – hearted, that you never care about others, and that you always think of others. Family members say you are’ silly big ya’, which is the highest reward for you. You haven’t heard of it, have you ever been wise and foolish?? Sister, you are a wise man. Because of inferiority, so self – discipline. Therefore, it can always be quiet like water.     When my daughter and I talked about this matter, my daughter said that the big aunt was the woman she adored most, and it was because of her deep self-abasement that she turned into the motive force of life that the big aunt bloomed brilliantly.. Although it is in the dust, it still cannot hide her beauty.

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