Grandma Wang’s Happy Old Age

Granny Wang is seventy years old and looks very young. Although her hair is gray and mixed, it is very tidy. Her clothes are neat and neat. She always nods and smiles at me before swiping her card and running back..     Every day she and her wife will take the first bus to the Xishan scenic spot, and sometimes walk and run under the pavilion forest scenic spot. in the words of the city, she will exercise, breathe fresh air and wash her lungs..     Granny Wang is from Yancheng, northern Jiangsu province. It’s a coincidence that my hometown Xinghua is half a person of hometown. Every time I send the first bus in the morning, I always meet her and her parents sitting on the platform and waiting together. At first, she went to the parking lot for a few days to get on the bus. Later, the company stationed a guard in the parking lot and refused to let her in. They sat outside the waiting booth and so on.. My car also stopped there, waiting for the departure time so that we could have a chance to talk.     Both of them have been in Kunshan for 50 years. Grandma Wang told me that they had followed him here since they married their wife.. But I found that after 50 years of living in Kunshan, she still speaks her native language. I asked her if she would speak here? She said yes, but she didn’t say much. She still said that her hometown was kind and casual..     Granny Wang gave birth to three sons and a daughter, all of whom have become family members and have children. She bought houses and settled down here. When she told me about this, she was full of joy and made no secret of her pride..     The old man was very talkative and told me that the happy thing these days was that her children helped her to get an old man’s discount card the previous month, which could be free to ride, and she did not forget to tell me that it was also free to visit the park, which gave her a kind of unspeakable joy. Although she had few money, the grandmother said it was not a matter of money or money, but it was a matter of great concern to the government to the people..     I was really surprised that she could say such a thing about the government and the people. She also said that such a government won the hearts and minds of the people.     People who may have come from that era are very concerned about the government’s policy of benefiting the people. so is my grandfather in his hometown. the village has arranged for him to live in a nursing home, eat and sleep free of charge, and have someone to wait on him. he also often worries about the government, saying how much money it will cost so many old people in the country. if he didn’t even dare to think about it in the sixties and seventies.!     Granny Wang’s wife seems to be very honest and doesn’t speak much, but she always holds Granny Wang’s hand for fear that she might lose her life. When it comes to the government’s concern for the people, he only occasionally puts in a sentence saying that she didn’t have to eat or wear. During the Cultural Revolution, she fought against landlords and the whole country was in a state of malodorous state. Who cares if you eat or drink, who doesn’t starve to death, flee, wander about and beg for a meal, save lives, and now watch the days get better and better, in fact, heart – beating..     The old man’s words are actually an outdated topic for the young people we are accustomed to in this life. Which young people would like to hear them tell about their time? Who is willing to listen to the difficult background of the old times? It seems to be far away from us, just like it was in the last century.     But when I talk to them, I can actually feel the joy of enjoying happiness in their words..     Granny Wang has a little back in her ears and forgetfulness. Sometimes she goes back when she gets on the bus. Her wife barks at her and knocks on the card … Ah, Granny Wang looks at her wife to talk. Sometimes she doesn’t respond. She has to push him with her hand and make a swipe gesture before she knows it. Then she turns around again, apologizing with a face, and brushes the card solemnly from her pocket.. I found that her card was tied around her neck with a string, and the card was wrapped in a plastic envelope.. Sometimes when grandma Wang got on the bus, she would take it out in advance, swing it in front of me and swipe the card again. I smiled at her and she also smiled at me..     Several times I took them back to Kunshan Hotel. The old couple still sat on the platform holding hands and waited for them. I saw them all the way away. The figure was very familiar. When I opened the door, Mrs. Wang and other young people in front of her didn’t follow her until she got up, so she just stuck it in front of me and asked me if I wanted to brush the cob.? I knew she was asking me this on purpose for fear that I didn’t know her card was free or even raised the tone of voice. I knew what she meant and echoed her answer and brushed it. It was free anyway.. So the old man leaned in to brush it, and after dropping it, he did not give up slowly, asking me, did he brush it?     On several occasions, I drove the 32nd route to them from a platform in the city. I remember that I opened the door in the flower and bird market and grandma Wang found me as soon as she got on the bus. I was a little surprised, so she told me like a family member to sneak out and play and have a look..     They all got off at our terminal, and after I stopped, most of the time the old couple would stop for a while before they left. I would chat with them casually, just like with my grandparents..     My grandfather often talked to me about the past. I knew the hardships of that time and the upside-down life of today. My grandfather also often said that it was a pity that I was old and had a good time in a few days..     So I told grandma Wang and her parents that they should play when they want to open up and enjoy their old age.     Granny Wang understood my words, took the old man’s hand and hobbled along the sunset road. The shadow was pulled very long on the side of the road, and the winter wind blew away the leaves, but it could not blow away the shadow of the two close friends..     The so-called ” staying together” and ” happiness” have been fully interpreted by them.!

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