A chance encounter in the snow

Now the weather is getting warmer and warmer, winter in the south has already arrived, but the trail of snow is hard to find. When I was a child in winter, I watched snowflakes flying all over the sky in the wind, and the surprise falling from the sky could no longer be found. More can’t enjoy the snow, ah the snowman’s childlike interest with frozen red hands. Mr. Lu Xun once described the snow in the north as powder and sand for ever and never sticking together.. I think the snow in the south should be warm and sticky, right. I am old enough to make snowmen without snow, but I like to see the snow flying in the sky, and I prefer to see the white world covered with snow when I wake up in the morning.. A few years ago, I thought, it didn’t snow. Will this winter disappoint me again? The bottom of my heart still has some vague expectations. I hope to see that beautiful image again, and I hope to see the mark branded on my bottom of my heart again.. It was a gray, cold day with snow wrapped in strong winds. Snowflakes are small and scattered, and the wind blows on the face with snow, but it causes pain.. I turned up my collar, gathered my hands in my sleeves, hunched over a familiar path that I could no longer be familiar with, and walked along the tree-lined path of the South Main Canal Park.. South Main Canal Park was originally a stinking ditch. Through renovation, the government has changed the stinking ditch underground and built parks for people’s leisure and entertainment. Various trees and flowers have been planted in the parks.. On weekdays, the weather is sunny and sunny, and in the sun, people can see leisure playing, playing chess and reading in the park.. I’m half – mi looking, walking on the familiar road, the snow is charming. I secretly cursed the weather in my heart. The snow had fallen, and for several hours the earth was clothed with silver. The visitors in the garden had already dispersed, leaving only a string of crooked footprints on the road. Seems to be laughing at my stupidity. I, walking from east to west, must cross a flower forest in front of me before I can walk on the big road, walk along the road to return to me and hope to return to the warm nest immediately.. In a clean and white world, I was the only one who walked recklessly. The roadside trees, dressed in white gowns, accompanied me, comforted me a little. Will you meet a beautiful girl? Accompany me through this lonely and lonely path. The in the mind is self – mockery, silly ah, this cold day, all like you so silly. All of a sudden, I saw a beautiful beautiful picture in front of me, dancing, concave and convex, wearing a white wedding dress on the top of my head and holding a beautiful fragrance to greet me in front of me.. I tried to open my eyes and couldn’t believe everything in sight. She is so beautiful, so dazzling and dazzling in this white world that it can’t be forgotten. I came to her side, a wisp of faint scent, floating from her body. I approached her, took her hand and put it on the tip of my nose, sucking her smell greedily for fear of missing a spark. A Chimonanthus praecox, yellow so brilliant, so fresh. In a world of no one, white and cold, it is so lonely, free and happy to blossom. She, not stingy, left her fragrance to this snowy world. I was secretly pleased, let me enjoy all of you. I held out my other hand trembling, trying to separate her from her sisters, fold her down and take her home to add warmth to my tiny warm nest.. A mass of cold snow fell from the top of beauty’s head, and I was surprised at the back of my hand.. I looked up and found that the beauty looked like a painful eye. As if looking at me and saying, I was born in nature. I have been integrated into this snowy world. I don’t want to go to the warm nest you think I am.. I like the cold here, it gives me the value of existence. I immediately understood and felt hot in the face. I was ashamed of my selfish behavior . I let go of my hand, stepped back, and bowed deeply to her, my goddess. I apologize for my rashness and rashness just now and ask for her forgiveness. She gave a silvery laugh. I turned around and moved on, but my heart was relaxed and my hands were not afraid of the cold. I was thinking, is man really the master of all things, and can he really do whatever he wants. In a clean and white world, looking down at the earth from the sky, I saw my own figure, which was actually so small as a grain of dust. Last year, I saw on TV the scene of tourists picking maple leaves in Beijing’s Fragrant Hills..I thought of wintersweet tree in the snow. She, how are you. I often miss her. I want to see her again and see the yellow flower standing proudly in the snow and the beauty she brings to me.. It hasn’t snowed in a few years, and I look forward to another snow this year.

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