The other day, I watched Xi Murong’s draft regulations on flowers. I didn’t look closely. I can only say that I have finished reading them.. I didn’t leave much memory. I only remember the two words’ fate’. As she is a painter, the most exposed person is the flower.   At the end of such an afternoon, I walked out of the dormitory, breathed fresh air and looked at everything in the past with a saying in my mind: ” Bed is the tomb of youth.”. & shy; Want to go for a walk in the campus, riding a bike directly came in, through the mottled tree shadow, in front of is a large undeveloped space, full of weeds, because of the season, looks very yellow. The soft sunlight comes, the colors blend, and a soft picture appears in front of us.. Now I decided to find a place to sit down, but I didn’t succeed. Pairs of lovers were sitting everywhere on the grass, laughing and silent to each other. Some sat face to face, others relied on each other to decorate the desolate grassland. I thought I was in a bit of a straitened situation. I didn’t want anyone to like me. I was alone.. In this way, I passed by and was ready to find another place to shelter. Facts have proved that the place I thought of had been occupied by people.. Then he thought, it is good to find a remote quiet place. & shy; Came to the empty place in front of the library and found a place to sit down. Have to lament, in such a season, the grass is still so tender and green, how delightful it is, if it were before this, such a season would not have seen a large area of green at all.. The small trees are also very well trimmed, in fact, gardening should also be a good specialty. In the distant sky, the sun is sending out a faint soft light, slightly emitting the last bit of waste heat. The surrounding sky forms a soft glow, like a fried egg, and egg white is the hazy sky.     At present, there are occasionally people passing by, like a man and a woman, taking a leisurely walk. Each person’s life trajectory is different, and interwoven into the scenery in the eyes of others, either bright or dark, which will enrich our life.. May be alarmist, what kind of life will such a group have after graduation? Will there be so much romance and leisure. In the campus, a student who is prettier and more outstanding than one dressed up seems spotless, fresh and tender flowers in the greenhouse, separated from the outside world by a layer of insulation film.. I have seen a video before about a person who walks into society after graduation and lives as an adult. That is, you may have to go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, be careful in your calculations, bargain for a few cents, swear at unreasonable people, and discipline yourself on campus, but at that time, these will be what you should live in as normal a life as others.. We will be the scenery in other people’s eyes. In order to survive, we should try our best to ignore those’ small sections’. No matter what happens in the future, you still have to learn to enjoy the moments that make your heart happy, which is also a view of the scenery along the way..     The other day, I watched Xi Murong’s bill on flowers. I didn’t look closely, but I can only say that I have finished reading it.. I didn’t leave much memory. I only remember the two words’ fate’. As she is a painter, the most exposed person is the flower. All kinds of flowers have their own flowers and wild flowers on the mountain.. Sometimes she even flew there in order to see flowers in a certain place at a certain time.. She regards many people and flowers she meets as fate and arrangement of heaven. Think, perhaps just for such an unintentional meeting between them, that many flowers have been waiting for her for a long time, and it is only for her that so bright flowers will bloom.. So you will often see her face a tearful thing, which may be affectation to others, but for such a person, it is an outpouring of true feelings, and we have no right to comment on it..     The sun is going to set and it’s time to go back. On such a beautiful afternoon, you will be satisfied with your peace of mind.

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