Ask a friend

Friend, are you in a good mood? Good mood is flowers, rainbow, fog, it makes people be elated and sunny. If you have a good mood, you will be optimistic, feel the interest in life, and even let people die and prosper. Create a good mood, which is a transcendence of life and a self-rescue of thought, culture and spirit to fight various pressures..     Friend, do you have a lovely home? Home always brings warmth, fragrance and steadiness. There seems to be endless sunshine, endless honey and endless gurgling warm current.. Any broken and wet heart will be dried here, and any tired and tired body will get the most comfortable comfort here.     Friend, can you bear the reality? The reality of life lies in front of everyone, and no one can avoid it. The difference lies only in whether to accept it voluntarily or to deal with it passively.. Reality is a complex of contradictions. It has sunshine, rain and dew, flowers, thunder, frost and dead leaves. It is a complex form of joy and pain, success and failure, kindness and evil – interwoven and mixed together.. Success is well accepted and heavy is unbearable. Please bear the heavy burden boldly. It is the best fulcrum of life as well as being good at accepting success..     Friend, do you love the mundane? As soon as people come to this world, we can’t choose our parents and careers, but we can choose ourselves and choose the ordinary ones.. It is because of the ordinary that we can fly freely with our arms outstretched. It is because of the ordinary that we can seriously enjoy the peaceful day. In the ordinary land, we sow the seeds of extraordinary personality, integrity, dignity and responsibility. In the vast crowd, we are used to silently suffering, silently offering emotions, silently transforming the environment, and silently making life full of love and trust..     Friend, do you care about others? Worrying about others shows that you are good at communication and that you are kind – hearted. Worry is a kind of thick acacia, a deep friendship, a crystal of kindness, concern, kindness, morality and true love.. Caring for others is a kind of lovesickness and thoughtfulness with profound feelings. Being cared about by others is a kind of touching and happiness that is difficult to say.     Friend, is your life romantic? Romance is the nature of life. Romance is a kind of ecstasy in life. Romance is beautiful. A life without romance is an imperfect life. Without romance, life will become a backwater. The lack of romantic life is a regrettable life. Only those who bring their romantic temperament into full play are those who enjoy a perfect artistic life.     Friend, have you learned to forget? Learn to forget, this is a kind of open-minded to life. Only by forgetting what should have been forgotten and what needs to be remembered can we remember the bottom of our hearts forever. Learn to forget, in order to make life light, not live too heavy, too lonely, too messy, too trivial, in order to leave a beautiful mood, leaving a string of solid footprints in life..     Friend, do you hesitate to make up your mind? Indeed, indecision is the enemy of human success. It will make people lose many chances of success. As the saying goes, it’s time to lose everything and never come again. Some people don’t know when to take advantage of the situation because they are swayed by considerations of gain and loss and because they are hesitant and indecisive. What is the result? Opportunity flies away from you like a Mercedes Benz, waiting for you only regret it. So, remind friends, please give up hesitation and indecision!     Friend, will you be alone? When people are alone, you are facing yourself, without interference or shyness. You can quietly open your soul and expose your thoughts to a self – examination, self-examination and self – correction, and enjoy yourself.. The feeling of being alone is freedom and liberation, and the feeling of being alone is relaxed and happy.. Therefore, people should learn to be alone and enjoy being alone.     Friend, are you handsome? Natural and unrestrained is enviable. Indeed, natural and unrestrained is free, comfortable, beautiful, agile and beautiful, is not nervous, not forced, not rushed to the market, not affectation, is follow one’s inclinations, leisurely, do as the Romans do, carefree. However, these are only natural and unrestrained external forms. Natural and unrestrained are not only in his appearance, dress and appearance, but also in his mind, cultivation, thought and virtue..     Friend, are you happy with your contentment? Contentment and happiness is a kind of philosophy and attitude towards life. It requires people to be happy in know life in any environment, content with the status quo, free from conflict with the world, carefree and contented without higher requirements.. It should be said that this attitude and practice are inappropriate.So, as an individual, how to treat contentment and happiness correctly? To strengthen the sense of mission, responsibility and ambition, we should put forward practical goals for ourselves, enhance the concept of competition and competitive ability, and constantly improve the insufficient part of our personality.. Also, we should forget about worries and worries, and we should be open-minded and open-minded about everything so that we can always enjoy everything in our heart.!     Friend, do you cherish life? Life is a process. For it, all we can do is fill the process seriously. That’s all. We don’t have to worry too much about the outcome.. So, what should we care about? What we care about is the enrichment of this process and our efforts. What we care about is working hard and worrying about our livelihood and the friends around us. What we care about is that we used to cry and laugh and make our lives known with all our heart and soul.. We don’t want all our efforts to be rewarded. We only give because we want to, and we cherish life.. Pay, just show that we are alive, it’s so simple.

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