Black and white missing

When the ears itch, someone misses you. That’s what the old people say. Sometimes we always divide our hearts into two halves, one half tied to our hometown and the other half reserved for other places..     When the plum blossom opens in the twelfth month, a person will be remembered for his birthday. So he sent her a greeting card and received her sweet smile! When pear flower falls arrives in March, one will remember that one is crying. So he sent her a consolation and received her warm spring thoughts.! When the lotus flowers in June are pink, a person will remember singing lotus songs, so he wrote a poem to her and received her pink thoughts! When the frost leaves are red in September, I will think of a person who is climbing the mountain. So he wrote a story for her and received a red affection from her!     Our hearts often don’t belong to us or to one person, so we can inadvertently itch our ears and then secretly hide in a corner that no one can see and think about one person.. I know that our world is multi – dimensional, our space is multi – dimensional, our story is colorful . Ah, when my ears itch again today, I think of you! I put aside my family and put aside my children to focus on you, how sentient and righteous I was at that moment! Because, I didn’t forget you! But at that moment, I abandoned my family and abandoned my children to focus on you. How heartless I was! Because, I think of you, my love, began to smuggle!     When we split a heart into two and a half parts, I suddenly found that the world used to have day and night, and our life also had sunshine and shadow.. So love, please don’t blame me for being selfish when the plum blossom opens. When I was in pear flower falls; When the lotus flowers are powdered; When autumn leaves are red, I may occasionally think of someone. So, my friend, please don’t blame me for being selfish at the Qingming Festival of Apricot Flowers in March. The Dragon Boat Festival in May of Gardenia; The Mid – Autumn Festival in August of Osmanthus fragrans; On the Spring Festival of the twelfth month of camellias, I will keep a home and accompany a person!     So this morning, I will think of you because my ears itch. So that evening, I will accompany her because the evening sun is red. I finally know deeply that missing is only the black and white of this world … ah

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