Cherry blossom season

When cherry blossoms were blooming, you didn’t come to see me. A person often lingered under the cherry trees in a daze. When the cherry blossoms are blooming, there is still no news of you. The wind is blowing all over the place, scattering all over the place. Ah, accidentally meeting you, deeply attracted by your natural and unrestrained and graceful demeanor. Ah, you are so straightforward and sincere.! So wanton! So make public! So self, so real and natural . Ah, know you, always regard you as a former classmate. Between them, a faint friendship is filled with rich and lonely inner world … Ah, in the corner of the heart, I feel you are an old classmate I haven’t met for a long time and have no connection with.. Since I married a foreign country for many years, no students have contacted me. I can no longer touch the joy of my peers in my world … Ah, the word ” classmate” has brought me a little warmth and a good memory of my students’ life … Ah, the world is not completely closed to me at present, and others listen to me cry, listen to me laugh and listen to me chatter about the moldy heart buried in my heart … Ah, every day, the cold keyboard beats my sealed heart in familiarity and stares at your handsome face, and my mind begins to imagine touching you, and dimly discernible figure at the other end.?   The cherry blossoms are blossoming, and no one will accompany me to appreciate their beauty.. You said you would come to see me, although it was a joke, but it made me nervous. I ran to my girlfriend’s house and told her that an old classmate would come to see me and make her look beautiful to welcome you from afar. My girlfriend laughed and said she had never seen such a silly woman before. How could you believe other people’s words so easily?? . Ah, standing under a tree full of flowers, enjoying your words alone, through the branches overhead, you can see the blue sky, the pink and colourful flowers, your voice and smile appear in your mind, it is so true, you are so unreal . Ah, words are so warm, you are so far away . Ah, life is actually such a constant miss, miss . Ah, the people you once knew are all passers-by in our lives . Ah, but you don’t want to miss so quickly . Ah, some people, some things, are worth treasured in your heart.. Calendar page by page turned over, memories are happy.   When cherry blossoms bloom, you didn’t come to see me. A person often lingers under the cherry trees in a daze. When the cherry blossoms are blooming, there is still no news of you. The wind is blowing all over the floor, scattering all over the floor. Ah, you know, there is a person in the distance who cares about you silently.?   I’ve never moved my face, my heart, or my feelings for anyone. I met you to let me know that everything I have at the moment knows how to cherish it.! Can be radiant for a person, can become energetic for a person, can become indifferent to anything. I can live happily every day, do what I like to do, be full of passion and dream every day, and imagine the future better … Ah, I want to say to you, it’s really good to know you in the space of decree by destiny.! It makes me feel that there are many better things to cherish in the world! Worthy of collection! What a blessing it is to have a friend in your life . Ah, a friendship worth hiding in your heart, is light, like the fragrance of cherry blossoms, not rich, but long and long . Ah, a person worth remembering, a confidant, not outspoken, and a heart quietly open for you . April 2010 in Qingdao[ Responsible Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

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