Cool in summer

[ Editor’s Note ]Taiping Lake has beautiful green hills and beautiful waters. The lakes and mountains are unique in color. The lake is clear and clear, the green hills are rolling and rolling, and the islands are scattered like beads. They are known as’ Huangshan Couples’. Here you can experience the comfortable life of mountains, water, fish and people, as well as the closeness and harmony between people and nature..     Where is the cool summer? Taiping Lake Open Waters Tour!   Taiping Lake is located in huangshan district, Huangshan City, between Huangshan Mountain and Jiuhua Mountain, on the golden tourist line from Hefei to Huangshan Mountain.. In the midsummer of 2011, the huangshan district Disabled Persons’ Federation, Sports Bureau and Taiping Lake Town jointly hosted the first open water invitational competition ( Cui Deyi’ Huangshan Polar Bear’ Challenge Arctic Ice Sea Launching Ceremony and China Huangshan’ Taiping Lake Cup’ First Open Water Invitational Competition ). The beautiful, quiet and comfortable Taiping Lake changed its appearance and welcomed more than 200 swimmers from 17 teams across the province with open mind and enthusiasm..   The venue of the event was selected at the Jinding Tourism Terminal in Taiping Lake. On that day, the red flag was unfurled on the dock, crowded and bustling. I stood at the dock and looked around. The thick clouds in the sky covered the glow of summer. The sky looked very high. The clear and bright sky shone on the green hills and green waters. The brown and green mountains in the distance continued to rise and fall as if they were the support separating the sky from the water.. This is the best weather for outdoor swimming. The broad lake was calm, and the clear and faint lake was silently waiting for swimmers to strike. The floating rope floating on the water surface has already circled the track, which stretches straight from the dock to the center of the lake for 1km, and the entire race is 2km. Athletes can swim back and forth during the race time.. Lifeguards rode slowly along the track with orange-red life jackets. The crescent-shaped wooden boats seemed to float from the sky to the water’s leaves, and the striking orange-red color on the leaves lit up the lake first.. The athletes have changed their swimsuits, wearing orange-red balloons ( copycats ) around their waists and standing on the starting line, all holding back their excitement and excitement and waiting intently for the order to start … ah, I am a dry duck, and I can’t understand water. I’m purely coming to cheer up.. At this time, I looked around and saw someone on the speedboat, and I followed quickly. The speedboat started to split the waves and cut the waves and rushed toward the center of the lake, then stopped at the periphery of the track.. The master of the speedboat said that this is a patrol boat, which can only be on guard outside and not near the track, otherwise the waves of the speedboat will affect the race.. Oh, that’s it.   I stood on the deck watching the starting point of the dock from a distance. At the referee’s command, energetic athletes leaped into the lake like fish, floating red balloons on the surface of the water.. At a distance, the red balloon became a red bubble dotted the water surface. One red bubble represents an athlete. The speed of the red bubble indicates the athlete’s efforts and struggle. Gradually, the distance between the red bubbles has changed significantly. The former and the latter are separated by a great distance. The last swimmer has already felt overwhelmed and raised his hand for help. The blade-like wooden boat will soon approach to rescue.. Stars of red bubbles passed by from the far front of the speedboat. I couldn’t see the swimmer’s movements and expressions, and couldn’t feel the swimmer’s happiness, comfort and passion … Ah, another wave of red bubbles floated slowly from the starting point, and the distance between them also changed gradually..   The athletes entered the water in groups, and I watched the changes of the red bubbles in the water from a distance on the speedboat, swimming through them one after another.. After the launch, I met the return of the first launch on the way. The green lake was decorated with a little red, and the lakes and mountains were deeply moved.. At that time, the mountain was full of love and the water was smiling. The red bubble that came and went on the lake was like a burning flame, reflecting a lake. The shaking of the red bubble in the march was like playing a piano, playing cheerful and peaceful notes. The mountain, the water, the people and the feeling were already in harmony and couldn’t tell each other apart … Ah swimmers bravely conquered the lake and fought against the lake on the track, vividly showing the life and vitality of Taiping Lake and achieving a splendid scenery on the quiet lake..   After landing, some swimmers from other places said: Taiping Lake is really a good place with good water quality, which makes people feel happy and at ease. It is a cool place in summer.! You must come again next time.   Taiping Lake has beautiful green hills and beautiful water. The lake has a unique color, the lake is clear and clear, the green hills are rolling and the islands are scattered like beads, which is known as ” Huangshan Lovers.”. Taiping Lake has beautiful scenery, vast waters, pure water quality and abundant freshwater fish. Foreign swimmers even beamed at the lake fish and praised the lake fish for its good taste.. Taiping Lake Tourism Scenic Area sincerely welcomes swimming enthusiasts to experience the cool charm of summer in Taiping Lake, experience the comfortable life of mountain, water, fish and people, and experience the closeness and harmony between people and nature..       July 17, 2011

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