Different feelings

Editor’s Note: I am used to wandering in the middle of the text all day. Some people say that I am a slave to the text and will eventually be destroyed by it, but I don’t think so. I even think that sometimes it gives me hope for a new life..    The mood has suddenly changed a little bit over the past few days. Didn’t it say there will be a new beginning in the new year?? But how all of a sudden a lot of things ended in a hurry and quickly caught people off guard.     Accustomed to wandering in the middle of the text all day, some people say that I am a slave to the text and will eventually be destroyed by it, but I don’t think so. I even think that sometimes it gives me hope for a new life..     My eyes were fixed on the TV and I looked at the pictures on the TV without moving. I suddenly felt boring. Turn off the TV, go back to the room, turn on the computer to write something, and many plots brewing in your mind suddenly burst out at this time.. Prepare to write a novel, some warm, or slightly sad, this is my favorite style.     Buckling has always been in a state of invisibility, occasionally going online or muted, and no one is disturbed when used to writing, but I am looking forward to having friends and you to say a few words in my heart. I don’t quite understand why?     Zhou Ziqing is the name I have been using for a long time. He runs through almost all the characters in my novels. Perhaps, when I depict the characters in my novels, I am the one described by his name.. In fact, if when my mind becomes blank, I can’t imagine how a character can be described in order to be vividly displayed in front of everyone’s eyes..     Half of the novel was written, and occasionally the atmosphere in the street was very cheerful when I went out to look around. When I was lying in bed at night, my head suddenly became a little fuzzy, thinking about the pictures on TV and the plot in the novel.. Vaguely, I heard a man’s voice calling for me in my dream, and then I fell asleep peacefully..     I don’t know how long I slept, but when the alarm clock rings, I will start to get up. It’s an inescapable thing to go to work early every day. Quickly put on clothes, picked up the breakfast mother had already prepared at the table and ate it while walking fast..     Today is the last day of work. Several friends were told a few days ago that they were going to have a holiday in two days.. Turn on the computer, QQ is still invisible, or occasionally online, see half of the novel written yesterday, thinking, must finish her today. When you eat at noon, throw the bread you haven’t finished in the morning into your stomach and continue to depict the plot in the story..     More than 5: 00 p.m., when I looked up at the sky outside, it was already dim. I remember the boss said, ” Tomorrow will be the 30th of the year.”. Today, I can pack up and go home early. ‘ When I remembered that sentence, I suddenly felt a little happy, hastily tidied up a mess of things, and then announced to many friends that I was going to have a holiday..     I was the only one on duty in the empty unit, and my colleagues had already invited me to go out for a holiday a few days earlier. I didn’t think much about it, but wanted to leave the computer and all the words in front of me earlier.. All of a sudden, when I was preparing to revise a novel that had already been written, I found out how an article with more than 9,000 words had only 3,000 words left and my head was a bit blank. I wonder if I had copied less when I was composing just now? I tried my best to find it, but it failed after all. I didn’t want to give up, and then I began to ask many people how to find the lost things, but no one told me. At this moment someone was talking to me, feeling a little sad, yes, it was sad. I said to myself to people I didn’t know that I had lost the novel, but I didn’t want to write it again. I’m sorry. What should I do. Someone will comfort me by saying that I should give myself a chance to rise and write it again, but suddenly I feel that there is no point in saying more..     I wanted to cry. I had not been happy for a long time, but I was not thinking about it after a while. I think since I have lost it, I should learn to accept it.. Then the corners of the mouth rose, smiled, packed everything and prepared to go home from work.     The TV is still noisy, without much thought to listen to. Voice of SMS Drops. Many friends’ wishes, I think I should be thankful that I am being remembered by many people.     Zhou Ziqing, a friend from afar. The best friend in my heart. Some people say that the tacit understanding, as long as it is two people who have a heart and a heart, then I think, between him and me should belong to a heart and a heart. When I was just about to send a message to him when I was not happy today, his blessing also came to me.. I like to listen to his voice, the sadness in the bright and beautiful, clean, but let a person love dearly..     He said, I like to listen to the sound of my laughter, like a naive little girl, always so happy. And so charming. I suddenly felt some, some other feelings welled up in my mind, far away, that man was talking to me thousands of miles away.     I always ask many people directly, including my friends, whether they miss me or not. I like to be missed, or to be missed. The feeling of being worried is very good, comfortable and warm. I told Ziqing to promise me one thing, and he asked me something. I didn’t tell him directly. I just said you can do it and you must promise. I don’t think I should be barbaric or domineering. He said as long as I can do it, I will promise you, you say! I smiled and said, I knew you would promise me. I accidentally lost half of the novel I wrote today, and I want you to help me continue to write it.First of all, because the novel I wrote was about me and you, not the real me and you, of course, but some fantasy stories, and we used our names, so now it has been lost, you should write it for me..     While speaking, I was a little excited and told about some plots in the novel, but I said if you have a better idea or more plots, you can write them at will, and finally just give me a complete story.. He agreed on the other end of the phone, and I was suddenly in a much better mood..     In fact, during the period when I lost my novel, I was in a bad mood all the time. When I got home, my mother thought I was still concerned about my illness, but it wasn’t. I didn’t want to say too many words, only felt that I had lost any meaning. After I untied the knot in my heart, I finally smiled..     Some people say that 2009 is a new year, and everyone will gain a lot in this year. I bowed my head and meditated for 2009, waiting for a new life.     Tired of a unique pattern, the pattern of words, but found it difficult to extricate oneself.     On a new day, the sun shines warm on the street and looks at the blue sky. I think this should be a kind of happiness.     Sometimes, after all, I feel still a person, some lonely, some lonely.     A friend said that no one could change my voyage. I felt a bit weak during the first reading.. I wanted to move towards my goal, always trying hard and constantly running, but I still failed after all..     I don’t like being nagged by my mother all day long. She has changed all my life and my ideals. Even if I give all my efforts, I still can’t get everything I want.. I also want to establish a firm belief in myself just like a person. But it was blocked by various reasons. So do I have to learn to face or bear it.     There is some confusion in my head. I always like to look up when everyone is in the midst of happiness, knowing that I can’t reach it, but I still insist on it..     I think I am still a loser after all. Even if I write all my dissatisfaction in such a low-key tone, I still cannot change it.. So I thought, let’s do it and wait for a new life.[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

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