These days after Qingming Festival are rainy days. We transplant rice seedlings in the rain, plow fields in the rain, and do everything a farmer has to do this season in the rain.     Today, I was relieved. Because the rain was too heavy last night, my father felt that the water in the field was too deep, and the 24 – day – old throwing seedlings and growing seedlings would reach the top.. So rest today and watch TV at home. Go to bed more than one o’clock in the afternoon and wake up more than four o’clock. The rain stopped outside the window and it was still cloudy. Lean on the door to see the world flooded by green. My heart was overwhelmed by a sad thought. Why is this so? When everything in the world appears alive in this spring, when many people feel the beauty of life, I am surrounded by sad emotions … Don’t blame Xu Zhimo for reading too much poetry, I didn’t go into the world of poets this night and month, after all, didn’t I throw that book to participate in Xu Zhimo’s collection of essays into that pile of dust?? I don’t blame Tencent for watching too much news on its online technology channel. I haven’t seen any articles over there for a long time.. I really don’t know how many kinds of online experts and scholars have speculated about the future of mankind..     The pig farm on the opposite side is very lively. It is said that the croaking pigs can be heard by people living under another mountain.. Now is the time to feed, the cry is more intense than usual. In this lively scene, such a sentence suddenly stirred up in my mind: ” Those who write words have a miserable fate.”. It suddenly dawned on me that the sad mood just now was caused by several articles about Chinese literati on the Internet..     How many people in China eat literal rice? Look at those literature websites and you’ll see a rough idea. Compared with the past, the competition is fierce and unprecedented, and it is not impossible to say that it is white – hot.. In such a big environment, the fate of the literati is worrying. With the exception of famous artists, it is the novices who have to worry about.. How to get a more comfortable life under the fierce competition is something they dream of thinking about … Literature websites have writers earning over a million yuan a year, magazines and newspapers have thousands of words over a thousand yuan, but to get these, the word ” name” should be added in front: famous artists and famous artists. After all, famous artists are a very small number of people, more of them are below the subsistence level, and even a few hundred dollars a month are still there … ah, it is for these reasons that I feel sad and sad.. A one-way road ( a one-way road that can only move forward and cannot move backward ) is inevitable for a person who has just started to hear that the future turns out to be such a situation.. All that can be done is to try to sell what you are happy and dilute the sadness … ah

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