This year’s spring should be the most rainy spring I have ever remembered. As the saying goes,’ Spring rains are as expensive as oil’.’ But this spring’s rain doesn’t know whether it overflows because the water in the Tianhe River is too full. Since the’ beginning of spring’, there has been almost no sunshine or haze in the sky, and the spring rains are continuous, cold and damp, really enjoying the power of the’ cold in spring’. In the morning, the sun was still shining, and in a twinkling of an eye it was overcast with clouds, with dense rain falling on the body, with meticulous rain falling on the body, cool and cold, with a kind of doubt still in the winter.. Although it is already the ” vernal equinox” season, there is no feeling of spring at all. I still wear a winter down jacket. It seems that the cold winter is especially nostalgic for this season. It makes people feel like they are wrapped up, and if they don’t pay attention to the cold, they will enter and soak in the bone marrow..     A kind of heartfelt expectation that Ran Ran surges up. Maybe life is a kind of expectation, looking forward to the spring flowers blooming and all things recovering, looking forward to the blooming flowers, the flying catkins, looking forward to the blue sky, the floating white clouds, looking forward to the carefree scene of clear sky, favorable wind and smooth weather, and looking forward to the rainy drizzle, the dark clouds blotting out the sun without feeling sad for ever..     A person who has dreamt of his own dreams, scooped up a ray of morning light, let the sun pour all over his body, step on the sunset, let me sing out drunk countless times, invite a bright moon, let me read out all kinds of warmth, bring a breeze, let me express the chapter of life, make a song of sadness and break my dream in my heart, and study a paper of ink fragrance and colorful life.. Often yearned for in the vast field, the green hills and green waters, the meandering streams, I was the only one looking up at the deep sky lonely and lonely, watching the flowers bloom and the clouds roll up and cloud down, all this was still at this moment, even time and the universe. Looking forward to floating in the wind like white clouds, roaming in the sea and sky like birds, leaving no trace.     On a quiet night, Liu Shao’s head on the moon was intoxicated with the vast sea of books, his helpless heart, his arduous and endless trekking, his tired body slowly moving, and with the flow of words, his sadness and sorrow spread until the liquid called’ tears’ flowed out, slowly dripping down his almost numb cheeks and breaking into dust.. At this moment, I look forward to all the sadness and pain being incorporated into the text and sealed at the bottom of the box, leaving only warm and happy feelings..     To be a quiet person, to live in peace, to do things in peace, does not need to be colorful, bright and dazzing, to have peace of life, tranquility of mood, persistence of life, truth of life, to give others a tolerance and gratitude..     Looking forward to the real arrival of spring flowers, driving away the last cold, and looking forward to the warm sun shining on the earth.

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