Horse lotus

Ying ying’s green grass, with a faint purple tinge, lit up my eyes like a ray of sunlight, drawing my line of sight forward involuntarily. Staring at this clump of purple with endless allure to me, one, two, three … Ah, seven horse lotus flowers blooming brightly among the green grass leaves in the sun. The purple horse lotus flower, like a lamp, lights up my joy. I put on a warm lip and gently kissed a flower. In a flash, it seemed like a slender hand that brushed away my tired dust and warmed my once cold sadness.. Like a cup of mellow wine, drunk my eyes, my heart, let me temporarily forget some helplessness and worries.   I don’t remember when this clump of horse lotus flower fell into my eyes and was rooted in my heart. As long as I can remember, Ma Lianhua has accompanied me all the year round, walking through the four seasons without fear of cold and heat, holding up a mysterious and gentle purple in every luxuriant summer, blooming in a leisurely manner, with a romantic charm and poetic charm, and a shy graceful and restrained warmth in the dyeing season.. Flowers bloom, do not compete with flowers for spring scenery, with a touch of elegance to hold up calm feelings. Flowers fall, without fear of falling into the water, and walk leisurely through the vicissitudes of life..   When I saw the horse lotus, I couldn’t help thinking of my father. The father in memory always has a kind smile on his face and gives people a warm feeling.. This clump of horse lotus was planted by my father when he was young, and my grandfather was still alive at that time. Father and brother, uncle and uncle moved away from home for life in their early years, and gradually no word came from them.. Er Bo, San Bo and their father lived together. Later, when Grandpa was old, Er Bo didn’t want to bear the burden of life and asked for separation, Grandpa held a family meeting. The three brothers separated and their possessions were very fine. Er Bo asked for the beautiful peony flowers in the back garden, and San Bo didn’t like flowers and plants, so his father asked for the horse lotus that nobody had adopted. His father carefully planted the horse lotus in the back garden, carefully watered it and waited for it. The horse lotus was strong in vitality and soon survived..   The father divided his family into his grandparents, who did not like the sharp-toothed second aunt or the thoughtful third aunt. In contrast, they chose to live with the kind, simple and honest father and mother.. The father shouldered the heavy burden of the family and the responsibility of supporting the elderly and raising children.. In the early sixties, material life was extremely poor, especially after three years of natural disasters and lack of food and clothing, father and mother went out to dig wild vegetables, pick leaves, make dumplings and eat rice soup. Only a few grains and some eggs in the family were eaten by grandparents and three-year-old elder sister.. After three years of hard work, my father was industrious and willing to work, and my mother was diligent and thrifty in running the family. The days gradually improved, but my grandparents died one after another.. Because of the care of father and mother, grandparents lived comfortably and walked peacefully in their later years. The filial piety of father and mother was passed on as a good talk between neighbors..   Father has raised seven children. In the years of father’s life, there has never been any retreat or escape from family responsibilities. Father taught us to walk our own way, to be upright and to have a kind and pure heart.. Father knows that teaching by example is more important than teaching by word. He never goes through the back door for his own personal gain. For the weak, he always has a compassionate heart. Father is willing to help others. Most neighborhood folks have been helped by his father.. Honest father is more fair – minded, and does not incline to the standard of being a human being for the sake of family ties.. One year, Er Bo, who retired immediately, was on his way from work. Because of the snow and ice, it was cold and slippery. He was accidentally hit by a motor vehicle and the driver ran away.. When Er Bo, who was lying on the ground with a broken leg, was in great pain, a kind passer-by came to take Er Bo to the hospital. The doctor said he was seriously injured and had to go through the hospitalization procedures. Er Bo, who was in a hurry, was afraid of his wife and children complaining and held the hand of the kind-hearted man, not saying that somebody else had hit him.. Cousins came to the hospital, noisy could not tell a clean name. Father arrived at the news and looked at the bitterness and helplessness of the kind man’s face. Father came to Er Bo’s bed to inquire about the incident carefully and looked at Er Bo’s evasive and dare not face up to it. Father understood about it. His father advised Er Bo to tell the truth and give the good-natured man a clean hand. Under his father’s earnest persuasion, Er Bo admitted that the good-natured man had saved him.. The man took his father’s hand and thanked him so much that he even said he had met a good man, making him ashamed of Er Bo instead.. My father helped my cousins to take care of Er Bo’s hospitalization, and Er Bo soon recovered from the injury and went home from hospital.. Many years later, Er Bo still appreciated his father’s mention of the past. Er Bo said that if his father hadn’t tried hard to persuade him to put down his burden and restore his innocence, I’m afraid he would have lived in unease and guilt in his life and would have been condemned by his conscience all the time..   After his retirement, his father often invited Er Bo San Bo to his home to have a little party, drink a little wine, talk about family matters and talk about his brothers’ love and righteousness.. In his later years, neither Er Bo nor San Bo had the happiness and happiness of his father’s life. Er Bo’s glaucoma led to blindness and San Bo’s cerebral thrombosis was not complete. His father was very concerned about his two brothers. Every time he did something delicious at home, he asked his children to send some to his uncles respectively. In his father’s heart, affection could not be measured by anything..   Father is a man who loves life and was an ardent Beijing opera fan during his lifetime. He sat in front of the gate to sing his own songs when he had nothing to spare and attracted the neighbors to listen to him.. Father also likes to plant flowers and grass. Father especially likes this clump of horse lotus. Every spring, the tender green leaves of horse lotus arch out of the ground, father pulls out wormwood around it, scarifies soil with a hoe and waters it, making the horse lotus look lively. Purple horse lotus blooms one after another, and father’s happiness also blooms with the horse lotus.. I often come to see the horse lotus and watch the small flowers and butterflies tremble in the breeze.. When I was a child, I didn’t understand anything. I often took off the horse lotus and ran around with it on my head. When my father saw it, he lovingly touched my head and said, Silly boy, did you pull the flower down and it doesn’t hurt?? How nice it would be for everyone to see it there. Since then, I have remembered my father’s words. Even if my heart loves again and my palms itch again, I will not take off a flower.. Father was right. Beautiful flowers are for everyone to see. Beauty belongs to everyone..   More than three years after his father died, because of the demolition of the old house, his brother transplanted the horse lotus elsewhere. With the change of time, the horse lotus flower is still blooming calmly without fear of wind and rain, rendering bright and beautiful summer with a touch of noble purple.. Father cultivated us and also cultivated the same character as our horse lotus.. Father taught us to drink the hardships of life and found the lamp of hope in the arduous journey. Father’s figure has been guiding us on the journey of life.. Looking back on the road, no matter how bumpy or flat it is, it has never deviated from the right track, nor has it lowered its head easily, nor has it lost the primary colors of life..   Looking at the blooming horse lotus, I seem to see my father smiling in the flowers and his eyes showing mercy, as if asking me how well I have passed these years.. The horse lotus’s high waist is clearly the backbone of his father’s not bending and the backbone of his father’s life standing proudly..

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