I remember my mother at Qingming Festival

Let my son do it for you once, and see if the yard I cleaned for you is clean enough.? The wild peach blossoms you inserted are not beautiful? Are you feeling better, too?   Mother, do you remember the chestnut orchard we grafted together? It’s on the left side of your new home, and now it’s a forest. Those branches are close to me, and I’m crowded with you, but they can’t get through the sun.. When spring comes, the whole garden is full of flower – like trivia, and the overgrown leaves are hidden under the connected trivia. the spring breeze blows out of date, and the trivia full of trees is like a green tide. it is really beautiful.! Let a person can’t help but think of the autumn fruit full of branches. Also don’t know last August 15th, did you taste the chestnuts I put down at your door? Those chestnuts are big! You used to complain that chestnuts were not big and dense.. Now it’s big and dense, but where are you?   My wife lit three incense sticks and stuck them in the door of your new home. Three wisps of smoke rose slowly and disappeared in the air.. Through the light smoke, I seem to see the smoke from the flagstone house in my hometown. You are preparing lunch for us, and your granddaughter likes to eat the oil cake you branded most.. Every time I go back to my hometown, I always yell” I want to eat the oil buns branded by grandma! ‘ The oil layer steamed buns that have just come out of the pot are scorched yellow on the surface, and they are also sizzling outward to emit oil and taste one mouthful. They are crisp and delicious. They can smell fragrance more than a dozen miles away, causing the lazy old cat to jump up and down continuously.” Meow! Meow! ”. With the bean paste you made by yourself, listening to your parents, eating the fragrant oil buns, the warm atmosphere makes people feel reluctant to leave each time for a long time.. Now walking in the streets of the city, you can see all kinds of oil buns everywhere, but you can’t eat that kind of flavor in any way!   The fire paper punched with money model is flashing red flames. This is the paper money we have prepared for you. The world over there is still using this money, isn’t it! Once upon a time, you were always reluctant to spend every penny you earned through hard work. Every time your wife bought you clothes, you always said, ” I have clothes to wear, and buying too much is also a waste.”. You’ve never been to the canteen in your life. You said you haven’t made any delicious food there. Indeed, your craft is in the local area and that’s the best! But I know it is your character of thrift and thrift. However, if we want something, you will never be vague. As long as it is used reasonably, the posture of paying for it will be extremely generous. Now, you are over there, but don’t be so bitter about yourself again!   The land burning paper money has cooled down and incense has not been buried. On this day of Qingming and Spring Blooming, we knelt down in front of your grave to honor you with the gift of the living and to place my infinite grief on you..   A kind and loving mother! Please let my mother in your arms, Yong ‘an her noble soul.

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