9:00 men to women love to hate you in a few?

9:00 men to women love to hate you in a few?  1, a woman shopping and shopping enthusiasm unreasonable period in addition to love, hate Ninety percent of the men accompanied the woman to go shopping or shopping, because they really can not understand why a woman so addicted to this boring, select no purpose and hang around, especially in that they do not need to purchase or occasionally need a piece of clothing or jewelry, they desire to possess items too emotional and impulsive, so the men would prefer a corner store or the mall is registered in the door waiting, they really worried even when they give advice Hou, women are in fact not really listen to their opinions, they know nothing but a foil to Bale.  2, women always spend too long in dress for women buy cosmetics on the mirror, choose clothes and shoes always match the time than men and more, you must wait for her to go out to make an appointment in advance to say hello, or else you really that can not afford.  3, women sometimes get too fond of their men and other men to compare men often can not tolerate their women always put other people’s boyfriend, someone else’s husband to comparing your own, no matter what they are doing, as if there is always a individual than their own good, no matter what position you are in, it seems there is always a person standing on your head so that men could not lift their heads.Women seem to always have the status of a restless heart.  4, bad men say that women erratic heart undersea needle, a woman’s mind you do not guess, do not guess, a good guess when a woman’s mood is wrong.Woman’s emotional indeed be stronger than men, bad men make when the mood is always good when a big headache.  5, personal hygiene women to men too particular with respect to most of the rough outline of the man who, almost clean enough, but many women it is a bit over the top, especially in their personal hygiene, frequently changes such as requiring underwear hair to smell, including socks, blankets should be clean, otherwise it would be accused of not to close.  6, a woman is unreasonable emotional animals every time she might take a long time to make some stupid decisions, you help her analyze and solve, the men then logical, or even a scientist, armed with scientific theory think she really is of no use, we must speak only the truth with her in a pleasant mood, or else invalid.  7, you too jealous woman in the street to see beautiful women, beautiful women, and colleagues or friends in conversation or meeting, go home late, or stay out of a beauty difference, or occasionally you mention some circumstances ex-girlfriend, the basic will provoke to a sour, always pick something to quarrel with you.For fear that their man was robbed another woman, often they do not have confidence on their own, their own men somehow doubt.  8, the idea of a woman many consider the issue always want everything, before the fear of the wolf scared the tiger, rich imaginative, sometimes a man’s practice, the idea may be simple, they always think too much, simple things make it too complicated , so that the men mentally exhausted.  9, a woman sometimes too nagging thing repeatedly stressed repeatedly exhort, lest you do not remember her, do not work hard, do not mind, women’s maternal instinct is sometimes easy to spread, great men have a tendency to be abused woman small to large never seem to be able to escape the clutches of a woman nagging.Although they know your intentions good intentions, but men are really very frightened woman kept nagging, because they do not want to be in possession has been a significant child grow up.

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