Absolutely can not tell the boss and in charge of 10 things

Absolutely can not tell the boss and in charge of 10 things your boss (or your managers, supervisors) may be a very nice person, he can mentor, give you encouragement, help, guidance.Perhaps you can mingle with your boss.However, please note that, for your own interests, between you and him, there is still a red line you should not cross.Especially your personal information, pay attention to the boss have reservations, such as the following ten categories of information.  1. Never tell the boss you detailed financial situation of your personal financial situation is your privacy, do not try to get information about care of the financial advice from your boss.For the same reason, you never want your financial situation as a reason for Boss in salary.Manage their finances is your responsibility, not your boss.    2. Never tell your current boss is outside the working range of career planning even if your boss is very friendly, but do not tell him that you intend to continue doing 1?2 years and then consider other options.Imagine, if you are so expressed his understanding of how your information?He might well ahead of your intention to leave.    3, do not spread gossip to your supervisor or boss in the office when you inadvertently hear colleagues complain about the poor performance of your department, you might be tempted to pass this information to your supervisor.You might think that providing such information is a good gift, but few executives think so.Do not try to go with your grasp of gossip about the pace of work your supervisor and let him go to adjust.    As shown in Figure 4 do not disclose to your supervisor your wonderful career planning if you have a clear career plan, which is a good thing.For example, over the next three years, you want to open their own business company, and have the confidence to achieve annual sales of 25 million yuan, but you better not tell your boss.  Boss are human beings, people have a vulnerable side, he is likely to be your ideal grand rhetoric angered.Remember, the mutual trust between people or each other’s preparedness is subject to change.Think about your career plans to tell the boss if there are any benefits?If not, then put your vision in a notebook inside the line.    5, do not tell your boss you currently facing any kind of big trouble, unless you work with about if you and your male (female) friend broke up, do not tell your boss; Similarly, some other very private matter and do not tell your boss.However, if your affair has affected your work, such as sick parents need care, that is another matter.In short, do not let your boss involved in your private world which.  6. Do not criticize your partner or colleague to boss even if your current job make you very depressed, I do not want to criticize your colleagues boss.Instead, you should try to seek help from the boss.For example, you can say to your boss: with the development schedule for next week, a company roadshow boss, I and Li.But we met on this matter a little trouble, if you have time, Mike and I, along with you to discuss this matter?    Remember, no matter how much your partner Mike not to force, unless you have exhausted all possible ways you can not solve this problem, or do not bother your boss.  7, do not tell your supervisor, you work very unhappy to tell the boss you want to leave, you want to retain him as soon as you or drive you away?Usually the better choice is to remain silent, and so to find a better home for the next re-opening.    8. Never tell the boss you love with heterosexual colleagues do not tell your boss or supervisor, you are in love with a colleague – even in charge of different departments do not.Wait until you love has been determined, this time to tell your boss or supervisor no later than.  Do not Fall in love with your boss or supervisor.If you are unable to control themselves, we have to pursue this relationship how to do?Try not to hold back then speak out, not to show it, then find a new job.    9, do not tell your colleagues relayed to little secret between you and the boss is bound to colleagues to share each other some small secret.If you want to make himself worthy to be trusted, do not tell your secret colleagues relayed to your boss.  10. Finally, never tell anyone that might make you expose the soft underbelly of the information in your supervisor that you and your supervisor when speaking on background, in particular, be careful.Imagine, if your supervisor is more upper-level executives scold, he will tell on you Taoxintaofei disclose important information to his right?This is particularly true of information to win brownie points for his time – in fact, many executives would do.

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