After snow boarding horses pool record

After snow boarding horses pool record cable Jianguang March 25 at 7 pm, with the Lan County Lan County Photographic Society and his entourage drove from the county went to the East Village yinma pool, enjoy the pool after a spring snow yinma different kind of scenery.    Yinma River Township is located in the northern part of the pool of Lan County, 40 kilometers from the county, Yang Lan is one of “eight”, there is a legend in the spring pool area, before Zhang Xu, clear bottom.Weichigong was banished Lanxian red collar Wrangler Tang Jian, a good number of years without the horse.After a dream fairy pointing in Ottawa nest pond water horse is found, then straddle away, it was renamed Ottawa nest pond pool yinma.    Spring Snow Village county ablation, fresh air, blue sky and bright sun, people feel good.The pool was yinma overcast, snow-covered, deserted no trace animals, sky scattered snowflakes, giving a solemn, mysterious empty feeling.    Our party of eight people, alternately open by the President of the Association Liu Jianguo Lanxian photography and photographers Bringing forth from the pool of horses on foot climb the foothills, snow line, snow thickness can knee.We foot deep shallow kick to travel, it is very difficult.Fortunately, before climbing accompanied by Li Zhijun gave me tape the upper and the trousers tightly wrapped, let me suffer from cold feet are wet legs.Climb the road from time to time someone is slippery horse lie, we smile, busy hand pull.”Wearing woodlands, across a snowy field, fearless..”” The Red Army is not afraid expedition difficult, arduous journey only lightly..”All you Changba me play, with a loud cheer and inspiring heroic singing, people spontaneously bravery and pride to re-take the Long Way, more lofty and refined, elegant adventure of adventure.    With the higher mountains, large tracts of virgin forest greeted by spring snow dress, towering old trees become Yushu Chiung-chih, outside the forest, looking at the sky, amazing, the feeling of one thousand ten thousand different forms clouds dotted; the surrounding forest shrubs and small bushes, some like ice Yuzhuo, exquisitely carved, and some, like the roaring waves, magnificent; the vast valley meadow silver wrapped Su Phi, spotless, holy and elegant; the distant hills powder makeup jade puzzle, misty, mysterious.Lamented the magic of nature, apart from good fortune, it is also a feeling among the grass, a tree, a rock, or even a snowflake.Take a deep cold fresh air, feel refreshed, whole body Brisk BingJie, quiet and serene, Rongrubujing, worries are forgotten.    After everyone was strange and beautiful views of the pool yinma spring snow dumped impressed, despite the invasion of cold snow and ice, or standing, or sitting, or lying, or lying, or kneeling in the snow, capture views from different angles using cameras, mobile phones, fixed time.Quotes of the beauty of poetry trigger poetry, at the initiative of Comrade Liu Jianguo and driving, people extremely rich to recite the sages and poets describe snow: “Northland scenery, ice, A thousand Piao.Inside and outside the Great Wall, but I vast; up and down the river, will lose their surging.Mountain Dance Silver Snake, the original Chi wax like, with heaven in stature.”;” Suddenly, such as spring night, the Trees of pear blossoms’; “shed all day at Qionghua, he Mei Feng Yu Rui without scent.”.I recite these verses learned in student time, but only after reading this context, it feels really understand it, feel the feelings when the poet wrote a poem.    Before the snow came flooding wooden stairs, facing the opposite hillside jungle, yet there are five high horse standing in the snow, the quiet awe, as if reveling in woodlands in the snow, or eyes closed, gathering strength.Their emergence is yinma pool added a bit of mystery Smart, through time and space feeling, as if Tang Weichigong dream BMW is still awaiting the arrival of the owner.Companion, someone holding a horn in front of the horses, horse imitate the sound of shouts and cry, one of the horses also forepaw leaps at us, Changsi heard, to show response.This unique situation, I can resist, imagination, regardless of talent and less learning, imitating the previous verse, doggerel an ode, as a memento.Poem titled “Spring Snow horses pool”, which reads: after all, the pool peak spring snow, the scenery and the seasons are the same.Yushu Qionghua flying born, Silver Sea Horse Ming still smell.    Wooden stairs to the top pavilion is the Wind, is the commanding heights of horses pool, overlooking the four weeks.Boarded the Wind Pavilion, cold rolled snow, flapping banner body, bone cold hit, difficult people eyes wide open, standing firm, can not stay.But as long as hard to resist the cold, be patient, you will find here to see the horses pool is even more beautiful: the distant peaks such as Yulong flying, clouds, looming; the surrounding vegetation turned into a pool of Silversea, mighty waves or from or V; near pavilions, like the sky palace, treasure Juxian, Living.Wherein the exposure, such as in Wonderland.Truly be said: What goes smooth sailing scenery, infinite in the awesome scenery.    In the way back, we are still in high spirits, talked about the harvest of this short journey and feelings, said: spring snow boarding horses after the pool is a renewal, gymnastics tour of fitness and strength, is a scene-by-seeking beauty, big hug natural experience feelings of trip is to recapture the classic poetry, develop a healthy interest in learning educational tour, is a purification of the mind, release the pressure of self-improvement journey.    Yinma pool like a big heavy book, you need to carefully read it again and again, specializes in portrait, to read it, understand it.Yinma pool, we will come back to Japan once again enjoy your beautiful and broad, once again accept your education and attunement!    (Author: Wang Lan county Shanxi lion township party committee, Tel: 13834359009, Zip Code: 033500)

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