A table inspired dream

In mid-1982, he graduated from the School of Chinese oil pipeline, to do so was assigned to work at the time of the country’s oil ministry.At that time, he was very satisfied for the job, the work is also handy, by the appreciation of the leadership, has also been identified in units of objects focus on training.Once, a new sub-unit to a female college student, as a future colleague, he offered to take her with collar desk.Unexpectedly, this female college students to their assigned tables and chairs very picky, pick a long time are not satisfied.He advised her to say: Is not it a set of tables and chairs?It is necessary to bother you?He wants to make do with.Female students are very serious and said: You know what?This set of tables and chairs may have to accompany my life.Is this simple sentence, deeply touched his heart.Do I like this life guarding a desk commonplace it?he thinks.Suddenly, the idea of entrepreneurship in his mind is strongly excited out.So he resigned decisively, it carries only 80 dollars in his pocket to go to Guangdong battles, which embarked on the course of business.Entrepreneurial road is always very difficult.During that time, for three meals a day, he ran to others legs, had been a receptionist, what do you make money.After that, he by doing odd jobs she saved a little money, they and others set up a registration with the company Wantong.At that time, a lady would like to join the company to do business together, until one day, the woman came to their office visits a lot, and since then have never been.Years later, he met the lady again and asked why she had to leave, Ms. admitted: see your office is just a desk covered with ash, it’s downhill.They found that time of distress.One more thing, let him remember.At that time, he and his partner finally bagged the first business plans to contract a sleepy small state-owned enterprises.The two sides agreed that they pay a yearly fee to manage this small enterprise, this small company has been run by them.The successful signing of the contract, just when they are ready to do business, this small business person in charge rushing over to seal back, tore up the contract because of that they do not have the strength, they fear poor management.So, how many times he run into a wall in the way of entrepreneurship everywhere, almost to go elsewhere, his ears always sounded that sentence female college students: Do you know?This set of tables and chairs may have to accompany my life.So he wound, struggling to quite down.Now, he has become the vanguard of a new generation of private entrepreneurs billions of dollars of assets, and he respected SOHO model will be combined live and work, and also advanced to the concept in the construction industry, said.In 2008, he won the China Real Estate Top Ten Meritorious People Award.He is Vantone Industrial Co., Ltd., Pan Shiyi.When people constantly ask him, what makes him adhere to dream, to show so amazing business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, he said, was that female students, then inspired his entrepreneurial inspiration, activated his entrepreneurial dream, It inspired him to this day.Yes, the opportunity will always be reserved for those unwilling to silence, carries the dream of the people.

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