A teacher

REVIEW: I know that no matter how I do, my heart can not adequately express heartfelt gratitude, I do not know if a teacher’s teachings and love, my future life will be another appearance.In mid-1977, seventeen years old, I read a sophomore in Liaoning in Montenegro.I read that the newly established liberal arts classes, we liberal arts classes only two dozen students, most of the mathematical basis of poor students, and I was particularly poor math student basis.So math teacher in class, my head hurts particularly the unusually large.So I often in class desert, holding a Ba Jin’s novel secretly love to see under the desk.In this way, I was the class teacher Jinfeng Ying teacher to the eye, became a thorn in the flesh of her assassination, I therefore fully appreciate the powerful of the female teacher.    Math teacher each caught deserted me, she would take my extra-curricular books confiscated, my next class will be held loosely in front of a teacher, angrily complain to the teacher.At this time, a teacher chubby face was white gas, she put into the drawer of a lost novel, pointing to my nose, said: “You do not listen to the students so ye?Soon the college entrance examination, how could I have leisure to bother you to see extracurricular books?You have no conscience?You do this worthy parents do.”I was a teacher who end up number shame, he quickly got angry to eat their words.They quit temporary office room, I whispered pleaded: “a teacher, I’ll do extracurricular book, you put the book back to me!”A teacher who sullenly sneer:” back to you?Dream on!Please remember, I will confiscate all students in extracurricular books burned!”I bitterly left the office, I thought this woman teacher how to do things that absolutely ah?    Several hundred teacher who is not again the next day’s early study hall, I stood in front of the class, extremely rich essay aloud I do not know how many times modified JianTaoShu!When I returned to my seat to sit down face shame, a teacher at the podium and began to criticize me: “Now the whole class is busy Entrance Exam, you still have time for such pursuits read romance novels of Ba Jin?Have you ever head that way?”.A boom in student hall of laughter in my face as red as certainly like chicken Kou.From then on, I was even more resentment and hate gold class teacher.    Then he had said that, although a teacher mouth son a little damage, but she is sharp tongue.She took her class almost as his own child, so and so encountered difficulties, a teacher will warm Xiangbang.I send school students from rural areas, the family was too poor to day jingling in my bag of rice per month back home, hands carrying a mother do lunch pickles.Watching other students cooking and eating fresh meat, my mouth watered.But there is no way parents give me money, I can not afford the canteen food tickets, so we can only eating every meal frowning that the old pickle.    I shabby thing, I do not know how to be a teacher to know the teacher.One day self-study class, I have always been singled dignity to the office of a teacher.She kindly took out money from the arms of five, gently into my palm, sweetness and light, said: “I heard that your home is very difficult, I heard you eat pickles every day, your body is a long with brains when this continues how got ah?Well, after a month I’ll give you five dollars, you have to take study hard ah!”Out of the office, I was a little moist eye socket, I did not think gold stern teacher, is still pretty good to me.From math class, I never peeked extracurricular books, which makes the math teacher was surprised and pleased.    I defy you to say a joke, although I was a poor student countryside, very poor food through the use of, but the strange thing is I have grown very fat, I think I was born turbid water that will get fat juvenile species.So I was particularly afraid boarders morning morning run every day, every morning run I was lying lazily Chase dormitory bunk, wrapped in blankets malingering.In fact, I was afraid of the morning run most hidden reason: I do not Genjiao shoes, a running shoes and feet will start to separation; in addition to my physical development too fast, I run up the crotch fear will suddenly open line, an exhibition of himself in front of students.The reason these difficult sports members show people I do not know, so he confidently reported him to the class teacher who.One morning, the students went to the morning run, I was wrapped in blankets Mengtoudashui.Suddenly a quilt was opened to!Looked outside, I saw a menacing teacher who goes out of joint in the face: “Why do not morning run?Say!”In the tough teacher who pressed, I had hesitated to speak out the truth.But see a teacher who looked at my feet tramp bed, and looked at me carefully worn and old pants, she did not speak for a while.She silently transfixed me to cover the quilt, leaving Before leaving this sentence: “You come to my office at noon trip!”By noon, I live in fear, fear and trepidation came to a teacher’s office.I think this time a teacher who could really angry, they might me she would be ordered to leave!Who knows trembling when I appeared in front of a teacher, she was very polite, handing me a parcel, he said: “Rural life is so much suffering!This is my son through the clothes and shoes, you try to get past, remember that you can not see extracurricular books oh!”I put the package back to the dormitory, the boys are taking advantage of nap, I will happily clothes and shoes to wear, and one went so far as to wear just right!I was extremely excited and thrilled when I suddenly felt something was amiss.Since this is clothes and shoes through the son of a teacher who, how looks as good as new?When I finally understand how it was when my tears, “brush” welled up eyes.1978 college entrance examination in mid-summer, I never dreamed, my usual slovenly secondary students, will actually miraculous Jinbangtiming!Even examination of the third class!Although my math had 47 points, but other subjects are scores more than 90 points.Not only I did not think, even the class teacher who did not think.A teacher at the class meeting praised me very excited, her eyes sparkling with crystal tears of joy, and confiscated own hands before the book gave me a lot of extra-curricular!At that moment I was a young heart, has been covered by a tremendous warmth and happiness.    Mid-autumn 1982, I graduated from college volunteered to work in Xinjiang, specially with the salary received in the first month, bought a pair of snow white hada, solemnly sent to my beloved teacher teacher Jinfeng Ying.I know that no matter how I do, my heart can not adequately express my sincere gratitude; I do not know if a teacher’s teachings and love, my future life will be another appearance.

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