A tear-jerking love story

“Next life I must love you” (a) That year she was 22 years old, very young.Some people say she looks in general.In that year, she fell in love with a man, a man 23 years old, looks a little melancholy, very talented.Valentine hearts of many girls of the standard.She happens to men together and go to work, lunch break, when colleagues like to play cards, she does not love to play cards, but she always occupied a position to man, a man so after the meal, she gave way to him.  Men never care about her, and she with no constraints, she is kind, considerate, gentle.She rarely smiled, and only men laughing together when it.Men do not care about her, man is deeply imprinted in her heart.  One night, she was about a man walking, graceful shy to tell the man she likes him.Man sudden shock, and soon she politely refused, the man said the woman he loves does not love him, and he who does not love his heart is dead, and now he did not want to talk about his girlfriend, asked her not to come to him.  She cried all night, go to work, they also cry, somehow colleagues looked at her, a man sat blankly.Several days later, she still kept crying.Men began to soft-hearted, could see that she was his true love.Finally one night, a man her out, telling her: she does not mind if he does not fit in the past, he is willing to try to accept her.Woman agreed, and smiled a great smile.Because the man finally accepted her.  She and a man’s love Aihenjiandan, seen the movie did not go out together, not dined outside, men are indifferent to her.Is the happiest time of her man and sitting by the river with the bridge, there is a cow stared at them.She thought it was funny.Men live in single quarters, her clothes for men.The man was sick, her meticulous care of her.Her birthday, men forget, she said okay.Men birthday, she gave a fine man tie.  ”Next life I must love you” (b) The following year, she married a man.Things at home to take care of her well-organized, men have delicious meals at home, after watching the TV there is hot water bath, wash clean clothes she.Men can wholeheartedly in the cause of that year, a man rose manager, she has lost a lot.  Third year, she had a man’s child.Her belly relatively large, bent down and do the laundry when the more difficult, but still insist on a daily basis, things at home by her still manage with.Ten months later, she was giving birth, the doctor said the baby’s position is too high because, to caesarean section.For children, she caesarean section to a baby girl, seven pounds when born.Man’s parents want grandchildren, to see her give birth to a girl, she never came to see woman.She month of no one to take care of, too far from her family, can only come once a month, with some fish like chicken.Children noisy at night, she would also give children the urine, breast-feeding.Men do not considerate of her, she was washing clothes on the yard.Her son did not have a good month, often abdominal pain, the doctor said came to a root cause.  Children are very beautiful and very cute, she silently watched children grow up, and my heart there is a sweet feeling.Although the man’s indifference hurt her, but she still loves the man.Because he was her first and last man.Only occasionally some of the men complained, but after she forgave the man.Perhaps never been treasured in those days, men almost ignore her presence.  ”Next life I must love you” (three) day by day she looked at her daughter grew up listening to her daughter called her mother for the first time, told the joy of man.Daughter for the first time to walk, so she helped, and shortly daughter grow up to five years old, she took her daughter to the park, taxi traffic accident, she was knocked fainted.And other woman woke up, Manlianshixue, she first thought of the idea of the child, the child is already bloody, to the hospital, the doctor told her the child was dead.She fainted.She woke up again, shouting his mouth child’s name, the man sadly sat beside her, whispered to comfort her, she fainted several times cry.  So when she woke up again, his mouth kept muttering, the doctor said she was crazy.  In order to take care of her, the man quit his job, looking for a temporary job, on the day as long as several hours of classes, he is not the time to call a neighbor to take care of, she murmured, his mouth still shouting her name, holding pillow laugh.Watching other people’s children on the chase, she said it was her child.Men can only locked her in the house.She would laugh, a cry, a man can not bring her daughter’s photograph to her, when she saw the photographs of the children, she began to calm down, gently touched his hand on the child’s face photograph, smiling eyes revealed a kind eyes.  Time goes by so slowly, sometimes middle of the night she suddenly shouted to the children, sometimes behaved like a child.The whole community are aware of the mad wife, and some sympathy, pity some people, and some people just laugh at.Men have taken would have been a good future.However, the crazy wife ruined his all, he hated woman in front of.Men began to smoke drunk alcohol, he often drunk, began to temper his temper.

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