Ten factors that affect men and women's libido

How strongly different sexuality of men and women, some people will be affected by various factors in life, affecting human sexuality ,, recently, some experts combine the study concluded that the mysterious foreign factors affect sexual desire of the top ten。
genetic factors。
Human sexuality hereditary, congenital depending on the family genes。 Hormone levels。
The influence of male hormones on sexual desire the most, if the body of the male hormone is low, both men and women, sexual desire will diminish。 Sensory stimulation。 By means of sight, taste, hearing, smell, touch and feeling, can arouse men and women nervous excitement, and thus arouse sexual desire。 Previous sexual experience。
In the past have pleasant sexual experience and social experience of people, is easier to arouse sexual desire。 After ten factors that affect sexual life of male and female sexuality recovery time。
Many people after orgasm, take some time to re-arouse sexual desire for another time, the length of time varies。
envirnmental factor。
Such as temperature, season, how much diet, with or without medication, etc.。
General spring warm weather, human sexuality more vigorous。
Cultural influences。
Ethical, legal, religious and so on will affect people's attitudes, engender self-discipline。 State of mind。 Such as anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, pain, discomfort and confusion, etc.。
Age Factor。 In general, men at the age of 1825, the strongest libido, female sexual desire is the strongest in the 3540-year-old。 However, with increasing age, sex hormones decrease, sexual organs deterioration of blood circulation, and stress increase, will make the loss of libido。
health condition。 With endocrine, reproductive disorders and a variety of health-damaging disease, can make sex greatly affected。

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