A time to recover before a

A girl, delicate little time due to physical, physical education each run last fall.This makes a very strong ambition, she was very depressed, and even fear of physical education.At this time, the girl’s mother to comfort her it does not matter, the minimum age, you can run in the final.However, the child you remember, the next time your goal is: just before a chase.  A time before chasing a little girl nodded, remembering my mother’s words.When the re-run, struggling to catch her in front of her classmates.The results from the first countdown, countdown to the second, third, fourth semester is not over, her performance has run to the middle level, but also slowly in love with the physical education.  Next, the mother took only a chase before the concept extended to her study, if more than one student every test, then you are very great friends!  In this way, under the guidance of this concept of education Mom, this girl actually graduate from Peking University in 2001, and was admitted to Harvard University on a full scholarship, becoming the only Chinese fresh graduates that year admitted to Harvard College Education.She is Zhu Cheng.Subsequently, Zhu into a master’s degree, a doctorate at Harvard.During the Ph.D. study, she was elected with 11 graduate schools, 1.President of the Federation of graduate students at Harvard University graduate student 30000.This is the first 370-year-old Harvard student as a Chinese national for the position, and created a sensation.  Just before a chase, a so-called enough enough, peaches.No target has lost its direction, we do not expect they lost their way and did not expect it lost momentum.However, the target is too high, expect much of a result, is not powerless, is halfway.Clear and achievable goals, real and modest expectations, in order to lead people down to earth, to go forward with confidence.  From “Friends of the teacher’s” fifth [2009] just before a reading comprehension of the concept of chasing Unlike other truths ugly and difficult to understand, on the contrary, it is simple, it is easy to arouse the child’s self-confidence and high morale, small but specific target.In achieving this goal, the child knowing no distractions, solid, earnest to do, get rid of the flashy.Small child in a time of success, has been recognized and appreciated by others, it will gradually become a big success, it will make some big business to.  Words can destroy a person’s confidence, even shattered his hope for survival; but words can also encourage people to come out from a loss in people from a new perspective or understanding of their own, forever changed his life.So at any time, we do not mean to say an encouraging word, to a trust in the eyes, do a whatever little things.Power of one person to own may be very limited, but he could help stimulate another person’s infinite potential.

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