A tolerance to love, to rival a higher level

A bomb comes off guard that day, seven years my husband and Ho Kai wedding anniversary.However, early in the morning, what Kay received a phone owner, I had to cancel vacations.    Since what Kaiti pull department manager, entertainment and more, busy with work, come home later and later every day, even on weekends and holidays are often not at home, even if finally back to a three-stuttering rice, his phone is ringing off the hook.    After Ho Kay go out, I cleaned him a change of clothes, suddenly, a bomb fell unopened condom from his pocket!For a time, I was ignorant.I gave birth to a daughter on birth control ring, never married life would not have it that way!When I react, surrounded by an avalanche of pain in my whole body.    Ho Kay and I are university students.After marriage, wrapped in his love, I live happy and at ease.Friends think he is a good man, I have always thought that the siege of the so-called itch to do with me.I never thought that one day, what Kay would secretly climb another tree to enjoy the scenery.    The answer made me more sharp pain I decided, must take what Kay pocket uncover the mystery of the sinking bomb.    That night, when He came back very late Kay.I pretended asleep, wash after he quietly walked into the bedroom, probably afraid of waking me, lie down to sleep after a turnover.Soon, he sank to sleep, snoring sounds.    I quietly slipped out of bed, find what Kay’s cell phone, as thieves came to the house another room to see his cell phone.I found two bombs two pieces of information, the same number.One said: Kay, you home yet?I would hate you to go home.Another said: two days after my birthday, I hope you have a day.    who is she?The phone number seems a bit familiar, but I struggled, even could not think of how.    Two days later, I take advantage of what Kay on QQ, great effort to steal your password.I guess he’s QQ chat There must be the woman’s shadow.But, before that, I never thought to get his password.Before marriage, we agreed to give the marriage another privacy rights reserved..But now, my heart is very clear, if I respect his right to privacy blindly, I will one day become abandoned wives.    When I opened nearly a month what Kay chat records and found that he and a woman named dark cloud is hanging too hot.I read on page after page, swelled head about Shimoji.I actually did not think of clouds turned out to be a kind of selfless love.She stressed: Kay, I do not want anything birthright, money, as long as I have you.And what Kay said: Honey, with you the greatest happiness of my life, I can not give you a promise of marriage, but my heart is like you, forever and ever Watch this ambiguous text to my soul hinterland, led I endless grief.But I thought of her daughter, think of painstaking efforts of the home, can not do without her father, the family and therefore can not be destroyed.    I struggled to adjust their feelings, tears, and a mouse click on a page.Finally, I found a very valuable clue.Of clouds in a recent message is: Kay, 26 I came from Changsha, and you a birthday.So warm in the spring, the most suitable sex, kissing, hugging!Then send a beautiful pattern.I am a long time staring at these words, secretly decided that the 26th day, even if the sky is falling down, I have to look at his confidante who exactly is what kind of goddess?    Those days, I feel like years.Several times, could not help but want to expose what Kay’s hidden secrets, but would like to rush to give him two ears to vent repressed in the heart of the depressed, vividly scolding him about it.    26th day, early in the morning, HE Kai wake up very early.He told me that there is an important customer came from Guangzhou, if too late, do not go home.I tried to hold back the heart of the pain, and as usual, told him: Do not drink too much wine, wine and more beverages after breakfast, he went out, and I quickly stopped a TAXI behind.A moment later, his car pulled into the South Bus Station.    About half an hour, his long hair and a tall, willowy young woman talking and laughing from the site out.Suddenly, my head was thumping whom a moment, almost fainted.Followed, my heart waves of pain and was choking Jiutong.

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