A ton of success

Niall Ferguson is Britain recognized prodigy, his research interests spanning history, economics and political science, less than 30-year-old was hired as a researcher at Oxford University, was named affect the age of 40, “Time” magazine world one of 100 people.    Niall Ferguson made big achievements, can not do without his hard work.  In the Rothschild family history research in order to write “The Rothschilds,” a book, he and his aides carefully to find information, write constantly, continuously changing, and so forth simple, boring work lasted more than six months, Assistant feel tired, he insisted on not down.  However, Niall Ferguson is still not satisfied, he was assistant to leave themselves still working.  When satisfied with the manuscript out, he actually went through the last ten thousand years from home, access to raw materials actually weighs a ton.    When reporters asked Niall Ferguson: You made so many achievements, especially in research Rothschild family history no one can beat, not your talent is relatively high because of?  Neil Ferguson said: The reason I succeed, not because I was talented high’s sake, but because I went through a ton of research out of raw data.

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