A touch of love

A touch of love that year, the spring, they met.That year, in late summer to autumn, they know each other.Since they met, it is over 1299 days, when 31276, 1870560 minutes, 112233600 seconds.Since they know each other, have in the past 1149 days, when 27576, 1654560 minutes, 99273600 seconds.At that time, he said, is love at first sight.This, he said was profound feelings..10,11,12,13 life can bring across how many years.four Seasons.How many seasons of life can be used alternately.From the budding feelings – flowers – a result, they survived the pain of three years.From the naive thought – silly – mature, they tasted the ups and downs.Rain, they encounter all sorts of people.Fine, they traveled the road twists and turns they loved and hated, until the heart have.They laughed and cried until soulmate.They are ordinary students in a pair of freak.They are a wonderful couple of hundreds of thousands.In fact, he wanted to say to her.Hold your hand, and the child with the old.

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