A touch of perseverance

New Year’s Day of that year, he dragged his big suitcase, set foot on the train to the north.Three days in advance booking, was removed several times, still can not buy tickets to sit.  In desperation, he had to bite the bullet and stop the night before arriving in Beijing.Take a deep breath, full of repressed morning mist blowing.Hurry get on the subway, actually lost its way.  Managed to find the right place, and finally unable to bear fatigue, a lonely man sitting on the roadside.Huge Beijing, gave him the feeling, indescribable actually open.  Interview went well, half an hour to finalize all procedures.The next conversation mostly chatting.  The company is very small, over one hundred square meters of local security desk at four and four people living items, a bit cramped.He put items on their place, a man sitting on the sofa and carefully answered questions from curious colleagues.  Then her face before sleep out of the room, and went straight to the computer.All of a sudden do not want to touch his feet.Oh, I’m sorry, she did not look up, crossed leg better continue to move forward.I suddenly felt wrong, I turned around and found him shy.Can not help hearted.  He would have found her.An elegant, write a little tired in the facial features.Learned yesterday from the mouth of the whole company to work overtime just colleagues, she stayed up late at night three points.  The next day, everything is on track.She edge in his right hand.Although she came relatively early, seniority than his shallow, her to be his deputy.  The company has always been relatively small, cottage-style management, coupled with boring practices.I’ve had a colleague to resign.Just half a month, would have been a bit crowded hall a lot of cold.When I first came near him, actually heart from Italy.  Then her birthday, he invited.Young people birthday, the scene is always some noisy.All kinds of people enjoy the wielding unrestrained youth and vitality.Rendering private room, the lights are beginning to become ambiguous.That day, she drank a lot of wine, sing a lot of songs.Are in Cantonese, he did not understand most of the lyrics.  On the way back, she was drunk.Stumbled and many people can not distinguish the face of farewell, the last person paralyzed on the ground.He stood up and pulled her over, usually emaciated she was surprisingly heavy.Looked at her and shook alcohol bewildered expression, he suddenly felt a little distressed.He helped her sit on the curb.She began raving, shouting the name of another man, then vomited mess.That everything he anticipated, encircling her body, due to dodge his body becomes messy.Wipe refused, ran a long way, finally found a glimmer lit shop, the northern night, always sleep early.  In order to get hot water owner, bought two packets of red pandas.Then rush to hold her up, trembling feed her to drink water.Because too fast, causing her little cough, he immediately prompting terrified, pat the back, quickly greeting, when she unwittingly became his heart’s glass doll, for fear of a little touched, it will grief to countless broken out!  Back home, she lay in bed, fast asleep.The dream was tightly pulled his hand.He sat sheepishly bed, from time to time looked at her quiet face.Slowly fell asleep.  Goodbye she is more time 10:00.He fell on the bed to sleep soundly.He wears her elegant quilt.Half of the body, the other half falling to the ground, he was also a corner was trampled underfoot.  He suddenly felt embarrassed, looking at her busy in the kitchen at the back, like children do something wrong, rubbing his hands panic, do not know where to put.  She walked the pace of light, brought out for him breakfast, simple poached egg and sweet milk.Looking at the way he eats, exposed laugh meet, but instead bowed his head, a little sad.He was a little embarrassed, invited her to an eating.She smiled, took out a coffee pot, boil a large cup of coffee, slowly goods up.  He was at work and she was very understanding with.Sometimes his ideas just begun, she already knew the results.He just has to write the outline plan, she will be able to refine the perfect match.He slowly got used to her presence, as if she has become his life indispensable part.Go to work, he would peek from time to time she glances, she always work in all seriousness, there is no lax way.Ruoyouruowu looking at her handsome looks and sadness during his increasingly pity the porcelain-like woman.At work in the morning, he would go for half an hour in advance, the purpose is to see as soon as her delicate face Su Wan.She did, all the attention flutter at work, and sometimes even forget his existence, how much it made him feel melancholy.  Then the company came a woman, we called her Konishi.Konishi long very likable, usually a good relationship with you.Due to the increasing scale of the company’s development, they moved into a bright and spacious office, Konishi has become the company’s new Chief Minister.  Increase the size and improve profits, the company management decided to open a grand reception, the backbone of the company as he needs to speak.Never like to wear suits, he could only come up with for a long time do not wear suits to the dry cleaners.Her hair done just right next to the shop.Both men made an appointment to go.  Close to work, but the sky began to intermittent rain.He walked in the back, tried to use clothes covering her head, appeared to be quite embarrassed.He said a taxi, and she shook her head, a few steps of the way, I want to take a walk.  In that small shop, to go through the long tracks, they go on the road, often next to the roar of the train rocketed.  He wanted to say something, can not even speak.At this time, Konishi walked quickly approaching, shouted their names.  The original company announcements, before the reception of this company is meeting.At the meeting the manager angrily accusing them of the company’s key personnel disregard discipline, even leave early before the meeting.  He and her face blank, as they go, are applied to the small West.Moreover, notice on the company bulletin board has not write.However, Konishi says a notice on MSN, and then pointing to the billboard said, above!  And boil for half an hour, and finally off work.He invited her to go with.Two people through the whistling rail, behind a dark, unlimited extension of the distance to the other.  Day reception, many people praised her for her beautiful.In charge of a website or even tipsy feeling hugged her shoulder.She looked at him, and fear of loss.Before he went, he sat beside her, said nothing, just drinking a glass cup of ice wine.More people to her toast, she was drunk.He looked depressed mood, she began to drink a glass cup.  Dim, he snatched her glasses, poured down fall of.I drink for you!  She wanted to go back to the glass, but also how to get fixed.He said softly in her ear, I want you back drunk.  She pressed him in the dark moist and trembling hands, the tears began to fall, his face wet.  The next day, she expressed her gratitude in the mail!He just sent me a smiley face.Finally, said something, I came to Beijing for half a year, have not been to the Fragrant Hills, Pa Xiangshan free with it.  She said yes.  Just that Friday should be about her and several friends went to Happy Valley.Time to go, she informed him.Unexpectedly, he made a hand gesture of refusal.The announcement pointed to the wall.Konishi written notice of a meeting that day with little word!She racking our brains, almost forgot.  There are a few, Konishi in the office with other colleagues about her sloppy and embarrassing stories to tell.He does not go to listen to the next.Brutally stormed off.  That day, he asked her out.It was evening season, she was wearing a light-colored dress, just like the clouds floated.He very politely consult her relationship with the small West.She did not say anything, just have sparkling eyes, a look of pathos!  After the coffee, she proposed to go to the bar.Under low light dark, they drank glass after glass.He suddenly felt a lot to talk about, but she was never given the opportunity, most of her time in the wine, in order to communicate with each other, then accompany her to drink slowly, drink forever, incredibly hard drink.  This time, she was drunk.He fell on his shoulder, a faint rosy cheeks, delicate like a doll.He did not dare move a bit, for fear of waking his dream of angels.  The sober, is in the middle of the night.Her cheerful apologetically taking a dip in coffee, whispered secretly lamps, emit soft light.His whole dressed, listen to her carefully to have those dusty past.  Later, she snuggled in his arms, and fell asleep.Women in the mental and physical exhaustion, need a man’s arms, she and his case.  Still later, he received her resignation.Not enough time to say goodbye, she disappeared out of his sight.All modern communication tools, are vulnerable to the emotional front defeated.  A month later, he left Beijing, with a share of calm mood.All the way south, came to Changsha.  Changsha, Beijing has a different noise and enthusiasm, which is the capital city can not be compared, more importantly, this is her hometown.  She told him in the past described the city’s people and things, and, in the light, she Nagqu twists and turns of emotion.The city gives her a lot of emotions, he went through the city, I want to relive it again.  He got a text idle work every day with a map, become familiar with every road.Sometimes, he would think of her indifferent elegance face fantasy meet with her the next station.  Eventually disappointed, he did not find her sight, and he began to organize memory into words, sent to her mailbox.  Knowingly ignored, he was no stop to adhere.He often imagined her in another terminal, while watching his letters, while drinking a large cup of coffee, a slight tilt mouth!  He even began to learn Cantonese, meaning those who want to understand the lyrics, but forgot to can be found everywhere online lyrics!A year later, when he bit about Changsha has written more than a hundred e-mails, he decided to leave the city.  Sometimes the best way to miss is far away, but just close it recalled.  Still crowds and endless world of pyrotechnics, Beijing in the morning and not because he’s leaving transform any look.Set foot on the subway, it is still around is a picture of an unfamiliar face.  Description of life become his habit.But he is more accustomed to clicking on her email sent to the mailbox.At this writing he has become an indispensable part of life.  Attendant, is a serious illness.  He often changed the Internet bubble of the habit, after a good disease, actually some depression.  The doctor advised him to go for a walk.He listened to suggestions and very obediently.  That day, Beijing’s Fengshahenda, finally went to the subway, but from a distance see a man around, careful not determined, the other already flew over, clutching his!  She said that I was in love with someone else, I am not a third party.  She said, I’m sorry Konishi, she should get back at me, but, you exist so I can not give her a chance.  She said, I can not choose you, because I still love the man.  She said, I dream afraid that Konishi catch ends of the earth.  He took her in my arms, cool earth’s temperature has allowed him extremely pity.  He finally knew what was going on, Konishi boyfriend in love with her, knowing that they can not be together but Feietouhuo camel love.And the disaster comes, the man sacrificed himself for her, a car accident.  After she left, finally feel his love more than a hundred letters in the mail, she began looking for him, even lost his news.She has decided to start again, but the time and she made a joke.  She knew that he came to Beijing.So he stood waiting for him frequently mentioned site every day.She hopes to one day in the vast sea, he saw a.  He and she, finally meet, he hugged her ear, listening to the whistling sound of the train, just as two people walked leisurely train line side, talking, looking at the endless rail extending to the horizon he said softly in her ear, I think, the red leaves of the Fragrant Hills.

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