Bridges are strong, the tunnel was bright – I loved girl

A silver Once drunk, asked me, “Have you ever loved me.”I seriously thought she was my best friend, but I do not love her.    The only girl I loved was the high moment I met.    Each class will have a number of such people, not beautiful nor ugly, poor performance is not the bottom, do not work hard do not hold back, do not usually sit in the last row is not the foremost, you do not reject the exchange and they have no great desire become good friends.    I’ve always felt that I belong to this category, and later, I found out that I was not too low-key kind of difference.    For example, someone calls the “how you got to the same and XXX.”” Do you think I’m the kind of person you XXX?”XXX How much can I face the dew point.    Fortunately, at that time I was very cold, and the other girls generally have their own small group, and I did not.Sitting in a classroom day can not speak, others do not bother to come over I walked past, one to two to go, I got used to human presence transparent.A semester, the class most of the people had never spoken to, do not look carefully walk on I did not recognize.    Once physical education, the rain, the teacher let us into the auditorium.My class go early, I did not hear the news.    When the class turn in the playground anxious round and round.A girl came over and asked me: “Is it going to hall?”I do not know who she was, he said:” We want physical education.”She said:” Yes ah, we are also to physical education.I heard the hall to go, but I’m not sure, if not come back slightly.”I think in the past to try his luck Well, to follow up.    To the hall, found in whole class.    And around this girl and I are in the same class, and the two of us did not recognize each other, and both of us if nothing had happened in their stand, could not be more calm.    The second meet her again, is on the way to the canteen Dafan day at noon, carrying rice back to the classroom, there are a few boys riding a bicycle passing, deliberately rode fast, when they almost hit us quickly to avoid, shocked.    Behind a girl cursed: “I fuck you and your family.”I turned to look, it is that the girls encounter on physical education.    I then mysteriously added: “Home can be used family.”She surprised a moment, smiled and said:” Well, next time.”I do not seem to mind being people know they burst foul language.    Back in the classroom, I looked at her, sitting third last row, very quiet Chimi Fen way, but really quiet, not made out of the kind of.Some people, you can tell impression of her gentle, quiet kind of a word, but some people, you will not even have that impression, but do you think she is she like this.    We did not become friends, or classmates and ordinary, and occasionally meet up to say hello, not salty not pale counterparts to say a few words.The difference is, I began to pay attention to what she was saying, get to know this person.    On one occasion, he came home from school, she was very nervous look at the school gate.I asked how the matter.    She looked very serious and said: “You know, I made a big decision, this is the first time I buy books online, I had always refused, but now I have to take this step ah.I came here for my step.”I think she was a little neurotic.    High school when the school is very popular for his passes (tragedy, I forgot that thing Jiaosha, anyway, is in school to hang in the chest of a card) designed card sets, get colorful, now just look at non-mainstream….    I put the card in a set of calendars, cards, after a flag-raising ceremony, I was with her back to the classroom, I saw her evidence very clean, do not ask how to get something.    She said: “I’m too lazy to get it, but someone else’s card always come and go, so I also save a thing.”After a while, she said:” Oscar Wilde said: ugly fashion is really hard to describe, so it had to change once every six months.He was not particularly annoying.”It was my turn surprised a moment, and when I was a high-Ming Xiaoxi look at it, the devil knows what people Wilde?    But I know, she may know a lot, you can also poison tongue girl.    Still later, she became my favorite girl.    She is normally a very quiet, not noisy unlike me cold person, she was a meeting the night before the exam to stay up all night to read the novel, she is like to watch Eileen Chang Wilde’s people, and is living in a very few love reading also people do not love rhetoric.    Occasionally, in the class to see her.She still that way, not pretty nor ugly, neither good nor bad grades.It seems to be no difference before, except that I finally realized that this is a very interesting person.    And this man gives me the sense of it is true, she let me know every body looks ordinary, perhaps hidden in the soul of such a rich and interesting.    Private thought, which for me, it is a big step.

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