Brief introduction

I do not know how Introduction a village, those people do not know the small places, like a tree, how Shanfanjiujian, only the unexpected presents its trunk.  Because these little places, the fate of only a few footprints, deeply engraved.Some people like nicknames, only a few people will affectionately called up.  Then, a pen, and right when the ax.    Big Wa Ling In fact, large Wa Ridge is a small village just rely on a mountain.  Just a day flock, always swept over the hill; smoke every day, always climb up the ridge; day of wind, always sneak Peak.  So, I often climb to the top, stood Wa Ridge, with the lofty sky draw closer.Top foot of the mountain village, some of the vivid trivial details, the fresh village vivid description of.But in the distance I and the village, also in the flock, smoke, breeze implicated closer.  Big Wa Ling, a small village with heavy backing, rather than drift.People away from home, no matter how far adrift, one can find the origin of the coordinate.    A small private plots, however, hungry minds because that is truly their own territory, rather empty, although only as.  Only farming plots, the pace of land one foot, will be more solid; the dignity of a person work, will straighten the curved spine.Like a spring, is pushed to the limit, can bounce back.  A person can be utterly destitute, be desperate, but not without an inch of land left to their own.As long as there is a truly their own territory, dignity and hope the seeds will first emerged.  Therefore, in all the land I have plowed, the most memorable, is the first and last piece of territory – plots.    Mill a calendar hanging in the village.  A barometer, hanging in the village.  No one organization, a lot of footprints, always there, the history of a village, reduction in mill mouth.  Therefore, the snow in the mill grind flour, feeding physique a village, the village, it is particularly strong.  Old wells hit the water, the blood flow into the village faces, villages, it is particularly fresh.  Outside the mill, the mill is more than taking.Secret History unofficial official history of the village, every detail in screening friction nothing more than taking in, will become history, going.    Shagou a ditch, attached to the village and the mountains.This is the first village, the mountains at the other end.  Village people, Mizoguchi, lit from the reality.Also to be deep in the mountains, labor and harvest.  Some people, unaware of the time, quietly toward the other end, into the eternal earth.This life and the afterlife, but as far apart as vague close.  Perhaps, there is a village deep in the mountains, breathe the same wind and rain, the sun bathed in the same.  In fact, bumpy mountain roads and stone road ditch, as always knock knock mix mix, rugged.  Downtown, silence; ups and downs, joys and sorrows.As the mountain grass, but each alternate.Green laughter, dying Chunhuaqiuyue.  Sometimes, a flood, whether it is a way to communicate and talk to two of the world?    Dam a flood, you may be swept away our fields, food, trees, houses, harvest and hope, perhaps wiped out in an instant.  So, every person, every village people, with their own hands and hard work, will be a block of hard stone, brick one dam.  Dam on both sides, planted tamarisk.When the tamarisk thrive as a barrier when the dam is impregnable.  An impenetrable line of defense, but also a very beautiful landscape.  So – our homes, sleep soundly; our hearts, Tian Ran from the security.

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