Brigadier General insignia

For France in mid-1940, it is a terrible nightmare.Hitler with tanks, armored vehicles and blitzkrieg swept through Europe.Smug Hitler mistaken include the universal, the annexation Plus Andi Guo Yali just around the corner, is the Maginot Line Bypass, Qubing directed at the city of Paris, the French Third Republic precarious.War is inseparable from the flame, the fire can fly out of Phoenix, will be burnt crow.French Third Republic scared stricken, and finally a wise decision made by Prime Minister Renault has not been around before in Paris is: Let the Colonel was promoted to brigadier general Charles de Gaulle to the post of chief of the War Department on June 9 flew to London.Charles de Gaulle is only the hearts of the French, and set their own life in the desire of the great man. He did not care about his rank of brigadier general.He said that Joan of Arc but civilians, and she was a symbol of freedom France.Since mid-1940 to mid-1944, de Gaulle five years of difficult struggle, not only the French local underground resistance struggle to unify his arm, and the Free French fighters and all the underground heroes combine two into one, including the Communist Party.This represents a far-sighted generals, he ruled out all the party struggles prejudices, aimed against the freedom of France, fighting the French, France’s independence, this is the future of the whole French people!The only way France only by virtue of their own strength liberation of France, is the French recapture the glory of this great nation and self-esteem.When de Gaulle have their own tanks, flying brigade and an infantry division and no mighty count of armed underground, vanquished from France to victory was a breakthrough bright haze.This is not dependent on allies king of the division, and only then, Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin was no longer ignore the existence of the French, even though they are all anti-fascist giants, politicians have their own strategy but is also an inevitable.For example Roosevelt also move over and take the idea of de Gaulle homes Giraud can forfeit to help the Allies win the Paris.But de Gaulle and national pride alien to strict rejected is inevitable.During the Potsdam Conference in mid-1945 and the Yalta Conference, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin rejection of Charles de Gaulle, without their participation.Stalin was intended, the future of the world have a rebellious de Gaulle, can serve as a kind of check American power; and Roosevelt and Stalin different song ideas and co-workers, and for the Soviet Union to compete, but also want to be in control of France as important weight.General de Gaulle finally angry, and participated in two meetings to determine not only the French occupation of Germany, and became one of the founding countries of the five United Nations.French people rise from the midst of hardship and Britain Jue, an unqualified column large country in the world, the reader dwellers can review the following years has great historical scenarios that are loyal to General de Gaulle on the French scale, but also in France to victory milestone.Scene One: June 18, 1940, Charles de Gaulle to Churchill borrowed from the BBC Radio historic speech, is nothing more than a crusade call to arms of France and Germany.He told the French people: This is the final outcome yet?Must we abandon all hope?Do we defeat is a foregone conclusion can not be saved?No, never!No matter what happens, the French can not resist the fire goes out, and never will be extinguished.Scene two: June 6, 1944, Normandy, Britain, the United States and other allies composed of amphibious forces landed called history’s Broad war, Germany and France thought impregnable defense, completely before the Allies fought assault squashed.At a time when de Gaulle year of 1944 the organization of the French army rose up the chase, de Gaulle called on all French underground resistance groups that fought their early non stragglers, but as a group, the leadership, the strategy has blocked roads, destroyed bridges, railway, cut the wires, the German troops in Normandy the rescue as a blind man riding a blind horse, was shot four.Allied Commander Eisenhower enthusiastic praise, saying the French underground resistance fighters and organized the Free French movement of the role played by the Allies worth Corps 17.De Gaulle was issued to all law exciting speech: the final battle began, of course, this is France’s war, but also the children of war in France all French, no matter where they are, and regardless of who they are, their only sacred the obligation is to do everything in its power to combat the enemy in our blood and tears behind the dark clouds are cemented, are now re-emerging sun symbolizes the victory of the great.After seeing the French giant has experienced the ravages of fascism, to usher in a glorious victory and glory of the nation.Scene three: Allied gates of the city of Paris, Charles de Gaulle proposed to Eisenhower, the city must first of all by the French army, that Leclerc’s 2nd Armored Division responsible for the task of the liberation of Paris.However, US President Roosevelt wary.Roosevelt became a reluctant France to liberate themselves of great power, and hope that the US, Britain and France to become the liberator, General de Gaulle was furious it will certainly cause.Hitler had issued the order to completely destroy the city of Paris, this unique in the world, the city of Paris hanging by a thread.To fascist offensive caught off guard in order to save Paris.Eisenhower will not hesitate, Ji Ling Leclerc 2nd Armored Division entered Paris, after Charles de Gaulle led a team to join forces with them, and finally the liberation of Paris.Ordered the destruction of the city of Paris fascists Shore Dici not want to be a sinner, refused to carry out Hitler’s orders, surrendered to the French army, and remove all tie in palaces, bridges, towers, museums of hundreds of tons of explosives.This aspect is life insurance, does not rule out the fascists of conscience.It is said that he later arrived two power offense therefore, reduction of his sentence, but he was proud too far, self-proclaimed anti-Hitler hero, had it not almost?De Gaulle did not mind this, tolerance is always a virtue, General.French people’s anger, pointing to the traitor ill and sentenced to death for adultery law court daily reported, two-thirds were pardoned Charles de Gaulle to death, commuted to life imprisonment.The most difficult task is to Marshal Petain and Laval judgment, Petain sat, silent, a jury of 14 votes to 13 sentenced to death.Charles de Gaulle read their advanced age, and pregnant with their exploits in World War I, royalty-free one death, commuted to life imprisonment.The Laval is trying to be clever, all sorts argued that certificate Mingwei Xi regime had not only no, and also active.However, irrefutable evidence of treason before his escape death.Is quite a sense of humor when he shouted long live France were shot.General de Gaulle cherish the heart of the saints of these wartime crawling in the mud scum, there are words I am afraid that they have not completely immersed in French.

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