Bright grass Final predictions

After graduating from college, find a lot of work, a lot of resumes to fill, die a natural death.Later, I did a little confidence to find a job, stay home all day online, watching movies, so as to pass a long time.I became more introverted.Later, I accepted the position of a logistics company.  When the final prophecy bright grass understanding boyfriend Pu Yuan, is the company I went to work the next day.I am the company’s line managers, the main task is responsible for the payment of goods.Pu Yuan is a business manager, I naturally want to take those goods to the warehouse inventory accumulation.  When we enter the warehouse, to see those taller than me carton, my heart straight timid.Process inventory, he is very talkative, this is what has been said, how much the price, what is it, how much the price.Oh, I have been to replace the word.Finally, he asked me to remember those complicated price and variety it?I promise soon ah.He smiled and said: Your words really small.I head down answer: really, your words.Then I looked up at him, apologized and said: joke, you do not mind.This is what he did not speak, just shook his head.  After a tiring afternoon, I was insistent that Pu Yuan to dinner to show gratitude.Unexpectedly, he readily agreed, but the hotel selected by him.I graduated from university to the city a few days, he had the final say.Unexpectedly, the day the bill arrives, the clerk said Pu always been signing up.I looked at Pu Yuan grin on his face, shy smile.  So, I have been working hard.Three months later, I actually did not work out the first time after a mistake on probation.I am profoundly grateful Pu Yuan.  Sunday, he organized a group of friends went to the countryside to see the bright grass.We came to the middle of the countryside is a lawn surrounded by mountains and rivers of the basin.We sat on the floor in a tree Sophora japonica.I looked at in the light of grass swaying in the breeze, swaying in those bushes, sometimes interspersed with a fresh and elegant lilies, fresh vision With ahead in the Chu Tianshu.He and his friends talking about the bright grass breathtaking vitality.I was lying under a tree, the smell of flowers, listening to the birds, even slowly fell asleep.  When I woke up and saw Pu Yuan was giving my right to wear a woven grass ring.Ring with bright woven grass stems, obesity Spike grass dotted with bright-finger, next to a small lily petals do foil.I blushed and asked him what?He smiled Zen: engagement ring!Then, Pu Yuan holding my hand, facing the breeze, marching morning dew, in the light of the rising sun, walking through the grass in the light of the large.A group of male and female friends standing not far from the tree, as Pu Yuan applauded, whooped: Pu total, refueling!Holding Kogusu, through the last prophecy bright grass!So, Pu Yuan held me run up in bright grass, drifting around from time to time bursts of fragrance of lily.  When running to the foot of a mountain, I am attached to his ear and asked what was the last prophecy?He put me down, my colleagues behind his back very far, burning eyes stare at me in: that when we are old, as long as you wear a symbol of love While this grass ring, we were in love time can turn the clock back!My heart, intoxicated.Revel in Pu Yuan solicitous affection, the intoxicating fragrance of lilies in opposition, reveling in the final prophecy bright grass.Years ago, I heard that bright grass prophecy, if a person can meet the bright grass and blooming lily, he (she) can find lifelong happiness.So today, I see the light at the same time Puyuan grass and lily flowers, we will be happy for life.  As I imagination, he hold me, but that large thick lips to suppress my Yingtaoxiaokou, I would like to say anything too late.

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