Psychological difference between girls and women to teach a woman, you know better

Girls and women have psychological difference between what we often say that men are always the children grow up, but with age, and continue to encounter more things that will always be people's psychological changes。
So girls and women are psychological what difference does it make following small talk about the psychological difference between girls and women for everyone, teach a woman, you know better!Girls and women 10 1 psychological difference, emotional Controls: Girl: When angry girl is not happy, like a child the same row temper, headstrong screaming, crying, in total disregard of other's actions mood。 Woman: When unhappy or angry mood when, although still depressed and sad, but women have learned to manage their emotions, not downtown cool-tempered with each other to sit down and explain what made her unhappy。 2, their own value: Girl: Girls always thought he was a princess, so she felt everyone which should take her as a princess of treatment and care, women should pay attention to。
Woman: But a different woman, a mature mind to let her know who you are, where their value, rather than expecting other people's praise or greetings。 3, the value of appearance: Girl: The girl looks, external regarded as their most important asset and value。 She used to measure the attractive appearance of their own, or even the appearance seen as a tool to get what she wants。 Girls and women are psychological differences woman: a woman is different, she is quite aware of their own value far too high representation of women is their intrinsic importance, regardless of the values, skills, attitude, etc., that is their most precious treasure。 4, money values: Girl: Girls want regardless of all the bills large and small, by the man to pay。 Woman: Woman is hope that their economic independence, especially when a woman ready for a relationship, she also hopes her partner have a good economic capacity, but not required to pay, but hope that the future can be less after the economy together concerns on。
5, to establish their own state of mind:。

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